How Much Do Measured Surveys Cost?

Get a rough estimate of how much a measured building survey will cost.

Article By: Tom Ayre | Last Update: January 2022

Getting a fair price for your measured survey works is important, as costs on a building project can quickly spiral out of control! Take a look at some example engineering projects that went massively over budget!

So how much does a measured survey cost?

Short answer: We don’t have an easy answer to this question because the cost of a measured survey is influenced by so many factors.

Long answer: find out about these factors below and how to get the best price for your next measured building survey.


Example Measured Survey Costs

For a typical 3-bedroom house with measured survey drawings such as floor plans, elevations, and sections, you can expect to pay between £1000 and £2000 + VAT from an experienced measured building survey company.

Here we give you three examples of how much we charged to undertake three fairly standard measured building surveys.

The costs quoted included a site survey and producing drawings in CAD and PDF format.

Please note that the costs quoted are heavily based on the distance to the site. Our travel costs are charged from our office in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

4 Bedroom House

✔ Surveyed with 3D Scanner
✔ Floor Plans x 2
✔ Elevations x 4
✔ Loft Plan x 1
✔ Sections x 1

£1650 + VAT

Measured Survey Example Pricing House

6 Bedroom House

✔ Survey with 3D Scanner
✔ Floor Plans x 5
✔ Elevations x 4
✔ Sections x 2
✔ Roof Plan x 1

£1650 + VAT

Measured survey example pricing town house

What Factors Influence the Measured Survey Cost?

Key things that influence the cost of a measured survey include:

Size and Location Of The Property

It goes without saying that the larger the property, the higher the survey costs. A one-bedroom flat will take a lot less time to survey than a five-bedroom house!

Similarly, if your property is in a difficult-to-reach location, travel time and thus cost will increase. This isn’t usually an issue in the South East of the UK, but it could be in more remote areas.

The Level Of Detail Required

The amount of drawings and detail required will influence the amount of time spent on site and in the office.

More drawings are required by some clients (sections, elevations, roof plans etc). Some elements, such as light positions, electrical plugs, and architrave details, require more attention. All of these variables can affect the length of time and thus the price.

Accuracy Requirement

Different types of projects require different accuracy specifications. If a tighter accuracy tolerance is required, then the on-site work time will be increased.

Some projects do require millimetre accuracy, whilst others do not. When specifying a project it is important to gauge this with the surveying company.

What Is Included In A Measured Survey?

The cost of the measured survey includes:

  • Travelling to the property / site.
  • Measured survey of the property.
  • Producing the required CAD drawings.
  • Amendments if required.
Getting the best price combined with a quality survey that is useful, accurate and produced by a reputable company is important!
The worst-case scenario is paying over the odds for a measured survey and receiving poor quality drawings that are inaccurate, difficult to manipulate and turned around late.

How To Get The Best Value Measured Survey Quote

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• Estimated drawing return dates.
• Fixed-price quotations.

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