THS Concepts provides exceptional land and architectural surveying and drawing services in London and the South East.


 We work with architects and property owners on both commercial and domestic projects. Our professional, experienced team provides friendly customer service, a fast turnaround and exemplary surveys and drawings.

  • Surveys are carried out with the latest Leica equipment to measure and record your property’s details
  • Our refined CAD template is developed in-house
  • We use industry-standard software AutoCad
  • Our organised, concise drawings can be adapted by architects or designers
  • Any issues are fully rectified – or we’ll offer a full refund
  • We’re realistic about our workload and won’t take jobs we can’t deliver

THS Concepts was founded by Tom Ayre in early 2013. Following a number of years as a Marine Civil Engineer, Tom decided to form a surveying business. 3 office upgrades later, we have 8 employees! Meet our excellent team here.

About Us THS Concepts Land & Architectural Surveying Essex


I Started THS Concepts following a number of years at Red 7 Marine, a marine civil engineering company. Following a shake up in management I decided to venture out into the world on my own. Drawing on my experience of CAD and surveying I decided the logical step was to start a surveying business.

For the first year I was on my own, designing the website, building up a client base, cleaning the office etc! Working 7 days a week from early morning to late evening was required to get everything off of the ground and the business moving. The hard work resulted in a number of excellent client relationships which hcontinue to this day. Working from the kitchen table was also getting increasingly difficult so in June 2013 I decided it was time to take on a small office!

In May 2014 THS Concepts took on its first member of staff, Chris Horton. Chris has helped take the business to the next level with his knowledge formed from an education and experience in architectural design.

The growth of THS Concepts continued and we required another member of staff. Wilton was taken on following a number of years working for local architects in and around the Southend area. At this point, our original office was becoming increasingly tight!

The original office had served its purpose and was now becoming a bit too busy with Wilton, Tom and Chris. A new office was found with double space which helped house not only the three of us but the increasing amount of survey equipment we were using.

2016 was a busy year for THS Concepts; a growing workload required even more staff. Jack and David were taken on in January and have quickly become excellent assets for the business.

In mid-2016 another office move was required due to the increase in staff and even more equipment and tools we had at our disposal. The new office was a bit of a state and we had to spend a fair bit of time and money to get it into the condition it is in today. Towards the end of 2016 Lesley was taken on. She has provided some welcome relief for Chris and I and helps assist with sending quotes, running the office and preparing for jobs.

In autumn 2017 John Lloyd joined as a surveyor and Francesca Burke joined to work on our website and marketing. Our office is getting smaller already!

All About Us at THS Concepts

(Our First Office!)

About Us THS Concepts Land & Architectural Surveying Essex

(Our Current Office!)

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