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• High detail – Surveys undertaken using laser 3D scanners.

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Working across London and the UK, we undertake detailed as-built measured surveys and provide architects and construction professionals with accurate, detailed CAD drawings for their building projects. 



Do you want your building project to get off to the greatest possible start? Being organised from the start is crucial, as is having a precise, well-organised measured survey to start your design process with.

THS Concepts has been offering precise, detailed, organised, and easy-to-use measured surveys and CAD drawings to architects, engineers, and construction professionals to assist them in getting their projects off to the best start possible.

With over 1,900 surveying assignments under our belt, including topographical surveys3D scanninglevel surveys and more, you can trust our team to pay attention to every detail of your project.

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  • Licenced Autodesk AutoCAD company.
  • Organised CAD template to get you designing quickly.
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A Guide To Measured Surveys

Table of Contents

What Is a Measured Survey?

A measured survey is used to survey and produce accurate, scaled drawings of buildings. Measured surveys can vary in detail. A basic survey will include elements such as walls, doors, windows, and level changes. A more complex survey may include electrical layouts, plumbing and more precise information.

Following the on-site survey, the surveyed information is  produced in a CAD (computer aided design) program. The CAD program then produces a range of drawings such as floor plans, elevations, and sections.

A measured survey is usually commissioned prior to any building or refurbishment work and forms the basis of the proposed designs. Without an accurate measured survey, future problems can occur. These could be:

  • The proposed design not fitting or incorrectly sized.
  • Over/under ordering of materials.
  • Issues with local planning authorities.

Starting a building project from the start is crucial. A measured survey is a key component of this as it forms the basis of the design. Issues at this stage of the project will be echoed and amplified throughout the build process.

Why Measured Surveys Are Important.

A measured survey is an essential part of any building project, from small additions to large refurbishment projects, from small apartments to multi storey commercial properties. In this section, we are going to explain why it is really important that you have a measured survey prior to undertaking producing any design drawings for your building project.

How Measured Surveys Are Undertaken

A measured survey can be undertaken by anyone with a simple tape measure. The process involves measuring items such as room dimensions, window openings, door heights and more. The time to undertake a measured survey depends on a number of different factors. Primarily, these are:

  • Specification
  • Detail required.
  • Size /complexity of the building.

Once measured, the surveyed information is drawn in a CAD program such as AutoCAD. The length of time it takes to draw up depends on the number of drawings required and their subsequent detail.

A professional survey company has a range of tools and equipment at their disposal to quickly and accurately measure a building. Surveying a building with only a tape measure is slow, cumbersome, and often less accurate. Equipment in a modern surveying company’s arsenal includes:


Total Station

A total station is a very accurate piece of equipment that is used to record existing features and position things you want to build. It is a vital piece of equipment in the construction industry.

A total station is a tripod mounted machine that is setup to record individual measurement points. The measurement points can then be joined together like a dot to dot drawing to form an overall picture. Points can be classified on the instrument as “walls”, “ceiling levels”, “window openings” etc to easily distinguish and draw up in a CAD program.

land surveyor draughting in CAD
Total station being programmed.
Laser Measurer

A laser measurer device sends out a beam of light and a visual red dot. The distance between the device and where you point it is then recorded.

Typically, laser measuring devices can record distances of up to 100 metres. The key advantage of using a laser instead of a tape is that a laser is a more consistent, accurate, and quicker way of measuring. 

Lasers don’t sag over distance, blow around in the wind or require 2 people for big distances!

laser distance measure
Laser distance measure device.
3D Scanner

A 3D scanner is a relatively modern piece of equipment that sends out millions of light beams and uses this to form a point cloud. A point cloud is a 3D representation made up of millions of dots. 

The point cloud data can then be translated into traditional drawing types such as floor plans, elevations and sections.

3D Scanning survey service by THS Concepts
THS Concepts 3D scanning at Wembley stadium.
GPS Equipment

GPS equipment is used to accurately position items using real world co-ordinates. The GPS equipment we use is capable of recording positions to the UK’s national ordnance grid to within 15 mm in height and position. Having your proposed design / existing survey positioned to GPS is useful because:

  • Useful for future contractors to position your build (all they need is their own GPS)
  • Sometimes a planning requirement to provide heights and positions to an ordnance survey grid.
  • You can overlay OS block plans of the local area and everything will fall into the correct position.

A camera is an important part of the measured survey process. Following the survey work, photos are taken of the survey area and beyond. Often, 100’s of photos are taken and are vital to remember how certain areas are arranged when drawing up in CAD. The photos taken can also help designers in the future to match materials or see before and after shots!

Camera for documenting the building

Producing the Drawings in CAD

Once the on site surveying work has been undertaken, it is drawn up in CAD (computer aided design) software in the office. Years ago, the surveyed information would have been drawn onto sheets of paper. This is a thing of the past now and drawing electronically on a PC is the standard.

There are many providers of CAD software, but the industry standard is AutoCAD. Other providers include BricsCad and TurboCAD. There are many CAD providers, ranging from expensive, feature rich, to free and with minimal features. If you are looking for a free to use CAD program, then you could use LibreCAD.

Types Of Measured Survey Drawings

A measured survey is a crucial part of any design development and should be undertaken prior to any design development. The end result of a measured survey is the production of computer-aided design (CAD) drawings which your architect/designer uses as a base for their new design.

When sending a measured survey specification to your survey team, your architect will ask for a number of different drawing types depending on the size and complexity of the proposed design. This article aims to outline the various types of drawings they may specify.

Floor Plans

Floor plan drawings are one of the most common drawing types in architecture and building engineering projects. A floor plan is a scaled drawing showing a view from above which clearly defines the relationship of rooms and areas to each other. Floor plans are important as they show elements of a building and where they are positioned. Elements include doors, windows, walls, stairs, overhead beams etc.

A floor plan is one of the first places a designer will start when coming up with their designs. They can help to understand the layout of a room and see whether furniture fits, and obtain accurate floor areas for contractor pricing.


A section drawing shows a cut through a building as if it has been sliced with a knife and one part has been removed. A section through a building is very useful for a designer as they can clearly see the relationships of the spaces to each other, which may not be clear on a plan.

They are also useful for getting a clearer picture of heights within a building and can show important relationships between items such as ceiling and floor levels. The direction and location of the section lines are usually stated on the floor plan drawing and, if drawn correctly, will show the section as it is at that exact location.


An elevation drawing is a view showing one side of a building. It’s the most common method to show the outside of a building and is useful as it can clearly show what an existing or proposed situation looks like. An elevation drawing can pick up basic information such as the location of doors, windows and steps, as well as more complex features of the building’s façade, such as architectural details above windows and ironmongery.

Depending on the building work taking place, an elevation will be required on the building faces that are being changed. For example, a rear extension may require both a rear elevation and a side elevation drawing.

Site Plan / Topographical Plan

A site plan can be defined as a slightly simplified topographical survey. This will show your building in relation to important features such as property boundaries, other buildings on site, large trees etc.

A site plan may also show where inspection chambers are and note their details, including invert levels and drain run directions. Sometimes it is crucial to know where your proposed development sits in regards to other features so issues like planning permission are nullified.

Roof Plan

A roof plan is a view looking from overhead, and it details the arrangement of the roof layout. It will outline the arrangement of the roof as well as noting where items such as the ridges, chimneys, eaves extents are. Roof plans are useful for designers as the layout of a roof could impact a new construction such as a loft conversion. Having a good idea of the roof’s specifications can help save money and avoid future problems as issues can be sorted prior to construction.

Surveying a roof can be difficult due to access issues and not being able to see it from ground level. If this is the case, then sometimes a roof plan will need to be assumed using internal measurements within the loft area.

How Much Do Measured Building Surveys Cost?

Frustratingly, we haven’t got an easy answer to this question as the cost of a measured survey has so many factors that influence the price.

Key things that influence the cost of a measured survey include:

  • Size of the property to be surveyed.
  • The level of detail to be required.
  • The distance from the survey companies office (travel costs).
  • How accurate the survey needs to be.

For a typical 3 bedroom house with measured survey drawings such as floor plans, elevations, and sections, you can expect to pay between £1000 and £2000 from an experienced measured building survey company.

The cost of the survey includes the actual site visit to measure up and the production of drawings in PDF and CAD formats. This all depends on the size and location of the site, the surveyors’ experience and greediness of the surveying company!

Getting the best price combined with a great survey that is useful, accurate and produced by a reputable company is important! The worst-case scenario is paying over the odds for a measured survey and receiving poor quality drawings that are inaccurate, difficult to manipulate and turned around late.

Example Measured Survey Costs

Here we give you three examples of how much we charged to undertake three fairly standard measured building surveys. The costs quoted included a site survey and producing drawings in CAD and PDF format. We have listed the drawings we provided for each job.

Please note that the costs quoted are heavily based on the distance to the site. Our travel costs are charged from our office in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

4 Bedroom House

Measured Survey Example Pricing House

£1650 + VAT

6 Bedroom House

Measured survey example pricing town house

£3200 + VAT

How To Get The Best Value Measured Survey



THS Concepts are far more than an land and building surveying company.

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