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3D Laser Scanning Services

Buildings & Structures | Boats, Ships, Yachts | Infrastructure | Vehicles

Working alongside architects, engineers and designers, we undertake professional 3D Laser scanning to produce feature-rich, accurate, point cloud data for use in 2D & 3D CAD applications.

Operating across London and the South East, our experienced team use the latest in 3D scanner technology to obtain accurate, high-quality point cloud data. The data we provide can be used in a range of applications multi storey buildings to small yachts.

Utilising FARO 3D scanners, we scan for a range of different applications and projects. When you need to understand and design around complex existing features then we would highly recommend a 3D scan.

3D Laser Scanning Services

Buildings & Structures

• Modelling residential and commercial properties.
• Floor plans, elevations, sections & point cloud data.
• Revit BIM models produced.

Boats, Yachts & Ships

• Hull & internal surveys of vessels.
• Perfect for refurbishment and alteration projects.
• Plans, elevations, sections and point cloud data produced.