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Land & Building Surveys with Detailed CAD Drawings and Reports

Accelerate your project, ensure precise design, and obtain essential CAD drawings/data for your building and land development work.

Monitoring survey at Wembley stadium in London
Monitoring survey at Wembley Stadium, London.

Welcome to THS Concepts, London’s leading specialists in a comprehensive array of surveying services. Serving London and the broader UK, our expertise spans 3D laser scanning, topographical surveys, movement monitoring surveys, measured surveys, and drone surveys.

We collaborate with a diverse range of clients, from small architectural firms to large construction and engineering companies, across the country.

With our meticulous surveying techniques and advanced CAD drawing services, we provide the essential data needed for projects of any size.

Whether your project is in London or elsewhere in the UK, THS Concepts guarantees reliable, detailed survey solutions to launch your project in the most efficient way possible.

Monitoring survey in Tilbury Docks, Essex.

These are our services:

3D Laser Scanning

  • Renovation of listed or complex buildings
  • Designing intricate manufacturing facilities
  • Redevelopment within urban areas

Building Height Survey

  • Assessing Building Safety Act compliance
  • Development of commercial structures
  • Planning high-rise flat projects

Drone Roof Inspection Survey

  • Roof condition assessments
  • Maintenance checks on buildings
  • Insurance claim investigations

Hydrographic Survey

  • Surveys around water bodies
  • Harbour and marina construction
  • Flood risk analysis

Level Surveys

  • Flood risk assessments in vulnerable areas
  • Drainage system design
  • Site grading and excavation planning

Measured Building Survey

  • Design of buildings prior to refurbishment.
  • Precision measurements to aid lease agreements.
  • Recording features of heritage buildings.

Monitoring – Cracks

  • Assessing building structural integrity
  • Conservation of heritage sites
  • Analysis during ground movement events

Monitoring – Movement

  • Movement tracking in construction areas
  • Meeting party wall agreement requirements
  • Structural stability health checks

Setting Out Surveys

  • New construction project development
  • Commercial construction initiatives
  • Public infrastructure and works planning

Title Plan Drawings

  • Resolving boundary disputes
  • Land acquisition transactions
  • Property development planning

Topographical Land Surveys

  • Planning residential/commercial projects
  • Infrastructure project design (e.g., roads, rivers)
  • Refurbishments around existing buildings

Utility Surveying

  • Water, gas, and electrical utility upgrades
  • New construction site planning
  • Road building and upgrades

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