THS Concepts provides a range of land and building surveying & CAD services for architects, solicitors, engineers and contractors.

Key Features Of Our Services

3D Scanning Services

3d Laser Scanning

  • Precise, feature rich, as built information.
  • High accuracy 3D point cloud drawings.
  • Quickly survey complicated areas.
3D Laser Scanning
Area Referencing Service

Area Referencing Surveys

  • Surveys to reveal GEA, GIA & NIA.
  • Working to IPMS Standards.
  • Quick turnaround service.
Area Referencing
Boundary survey service

Boundary & Fences Survey

  • Surveys to Ordnance Survey
  • We can help find boundaries.
  • Quick turnaround service.
Boundary & Fence Survey
Floor plan drawing example in CAD

CAD Drawing & Tracing

  • Old files converted to CAD.
  • Plans traced and replicated.
  • Quick turnaround service.
CAD Drawing & Tracing
Flood risk survey using a leica total station

Flood Risk Report Surveys

  • Drawings to satisfy flood risk requirements.
  • Positions and levels to Ordnance Survey datums.
  • Quick turnaround service.
Flood Risk Report Surveys
floor plan drawing

Floor Plan Drawing Service

  • Plans for architectural, marketing, planning permission.
  • Survey service available.
  • Money back guarantee & free edits.
Floor Plan Drawings
Basic lease plan drawing example

Land Registry Lease Plans

  • Land Registry compliant plans.
  • Survey service available.
  • Money back guarantee & free edits.
Lease Plan Service
Aerial image of a roof tops

Land Registry Title Plans

  • Land Registry compliant plans.
  • Survey service available.
  • Money back guarantee & free edits.
Title Plan Service
Level survey at a beach in Jersey with a total station

Level & Height Surveys

  • Precise heights to verify tolerances.
  • Reports & drawings issued.
  • Quick turnaround service.
Level & Heights Surveys
land surveyor working in a home

Measured Building Surveys

  • Producing plans, elevations, sections, roof plans etc.
  • Get your project off to a great start with accurate drawings.
  • Quick turnaround service.
Measured Building Survey Service
Monitoring survey in London using a total station

Monitoring Surveys – Movement

  • Surveys and reports demonstrating movement in structures.
  • Used for basement projects, large excavations, piling etc.
  • Simple reports and graphs.
Movement Monitoring Surveys
crack in a concrete wall close up

Monitoring Surveys – Cracks

  • Recording crack opening changes over time.
  • Used for subsidence, basement construction, underpinning etc.
  • Simple, easy to understand reports and graphs.
Crack Monitoring Services
Setting out piles with a total station

Setting Out Surveys

  • Setting out piles, base plates, columns, walls etc.
  • As built drawing can be issued.
  • Quick turnaround service.
Setting Out Surveys
land surveyor working on a beach

Topographical Land Surveys

  • Drawings to show heights, buildings, trees, drainage etc.
  • Useful for planning your next construction project.
  • Plans, elevations, sections etc to Ordnance Survey grids.

5 Star Google & Excellent TrustPilot Reviews

5 gold stars in a row
“They’re consistent, quick and provide great value for money. Will recommend them for building measures and topo measures in the future.”

Paul Cramphorn | Google Reviews


“Great company to deal with. Prompt, fast and efficient service from the first email to completion of the job. I would highly recommend THS Concepts…”

Tony Hodge | Trustpilot 

5 gold stars in a row
“This company is easy to deal with. They do what they say they will do and in my case quite a few days before they said they would.”

James Walsh | Google Reviews