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Working with Architects & Engineers and construction professionals we obtain accurate, detailed design information to get your project off to a great start.
3D Laser scanning in the French Alps

3D Laser Scanning

  • Renovation of listed or complex buildings
  • Designing intricate manufacturing facilities
  • Redevelopment within urban areas

Building Height Survey

  • Assessing Building Safety Act compliance
  • Development of commercial structures
  • Planning high-rise flat projects

Drone Roof Inspection Survey

  • Roof condition assessments
  • Maintenance checks on buildings
  • Insurance claim investigations

Hydrographic Survey

  • Surveys around water bodies
  • Harbour and marina construction
  • Flood risk analysis

Level Surveys

  • Flood risk assessments in vulnerable areas
  • Drainage system design
  • Site grading and excavation planning

Measured Building Survey

  • Design of buildings prior to refurbishment.
  • Precision measurements to aid lease agreements.
  • Recording features of heritage buildings.

Monitoring – Cracks

  • Assessing building structural integrity
  • Conservation of heritage sites
  • Analysis during ground movement events

Monitoring – Movement

  • Movement tracking in construction areas
  • Meeting party wall agreement requirements
  • Structural stability health checks

Setting Out Surveys

  • New construction project development
  • Commercial construction initiatives
  • Public infrastructure and works planning

Title Plan Drawings

  • Resolving boundary disputes
  • Land acquisition transactions
  • Property development planning

Topographical Land Surveys

  • Planning residential/commercial projects
  • Infrastructure project design (e.g., roads, rivers)
  • Refurbishments around existing buildings

Utility Surveying

  • Water, gas, and electrical utility upgrades
  • New construction site planning
  • Road building and upgrades