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Setting Out Surveys / Site Engineering

Precision Setting Out On Sites Across London & The UK.

Collaborating with architects, engineers, and construction experts, our setting out surveys and site engineering services assist contractors in precisely positioning vital elements like steelwork, foundations, and brickwork.

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THS Concepts are an accredited member of The Survey Association body.

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We operate nationwide across the United Kingdom.

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THS Concepts was formed over 10 years ago in 2013.

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Our aim is to make your construction project run as smoothly as possible. We supply experienced site setting out engineers to help accurately position elements on your site such as piles, holding down bolts, finished floor levels and more.

We have worked on a number of different projects around the world. From positioning navigation towers in Liberia to setting out steelwork for a new helipad on a hospital in Edinburgh.

Our setting out engineers use modern, calibrated, robotic, Leica survey equipment, allowing us to work without the need for a second person. 

You can rely on our surveyors and equipment knowing that your project has been accurately set out, increasing your chances of a successful job!

total station on building site
5 gold stars in a row

“Having worked with THS for several years now, each project is treated with high professionalism every time. We would highly recommend their team.

James Furzer – JFD Architecture
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5 gold stars in a row

“We have used THS Concepts for multiple surveys from topographic to drone photogrammetry, they are professional and prompt and deliver exactly what is requested. Highly recommended.”

David Hopper – Marmus Engineering
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5 gold stars in a row

“Great service. Quick response to quote request, all my queries responded promptly. Good drawings delivered and were delivered before time agreed.”

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The Setting Out Survey Process

1 - Get a quote or online estimate. We return all quotes within 1 working day.

2 - Book in your survey date. We work around your schedules and requests.

3 - On-site setting out work undertaken by our experienced setting out engineers.

4 - Office work to draw and produce any requested as-built information.

5 - Prior to leaving our office, all drawings checked by the management team.

6 - We then send the CAD, PDF, photos and point cloud file to our client.

Frequently Asked Setting Out Questions

When it comes to setting out works, the cost typically depends on how long the surveyor is on site and where the project is located. Some surveyors offer day rate costs for their services, which means that you will be charged a set rate for each day that the surveyor is on site. Others may offer half-day rates if you only have a small number of things that need positioning.

It’s important to note that the cost of setting out works can vary widely depending on a variety of factors, such as the complexity of the project, the equipment and tools required, and the level of expertise needed.

For setting out surveys, we use industry-leading equipment like Leica robotic total stations and GPS technology. The robotic total stations allow single-person operation, increasing efficiency while maintaining accuracy. Additionally, our equipment undergoes annual calibration to ensure its reliability and precision, further contributing to the quality of our setting out services.

We understand the urgency in promptly setting out projects. Our standard lead times for setting out services range from 3 to 7 days, but we can often accommodate last-minute emergencies. Contact us swiftly for a quote and booking to avoid disappointment!

Our setting our Engineers work across the UK and have even undertaken projects abroad in Africa and Europe.

Primarily we undertake setting out projects in London, Essex and Kent. If you are outside these areas, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Setting out surveys in construction play a vital role in translating design plans into the physical landscape. These surveys accurately position essential construction elements like foundations, steelwork, and brickwork, ensuring that structures are built according to precise specifications. By providing a clear and accurate layout, setting out surveys help prevent costly errors, delays, and potential rework during the construction process.

Setting out surveys utilise advanced surveying equipment, such as Leica total stations and GPS technology, to accurately measure and position construction elements. By comparing design plans with site measurements, surveyors can pinpoint the precise locations for each element, ensuring they are placed correctly and in line with design specifications. This meticulous process helps maintain construction accuracy, reducing errors and potential rework.

  1. Confidence for Professionals: Architects, engineers, and contractors can rely on our setting out survey services to provide accurate positioning information for construction elements. With precise implementation of their designs, professionals can work confidently, knowing their vision will be brought to life.

  2. Enhanced Accuracy: Setting out surveyors employ specialised equipment and techniques to position elements such as walls, foundations, and bolts with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring a well-executed construction project.

  3. Improved Efficiency: The benefits of setting out surveys include streamlining the construction process and minimising delays. Precise setting out enables other trades to commence their work promptly, keeping the project on schedule.

  4. Increased Safety: Accurate setting out is crucial for construction site safety. Properly positioned elements prevent structural issues and potential hazards for workers and the public, ensuring a secure project environment.

  5. Cost Savings: Setting out surveys help reduce the risk of rework and costly mistakes, resulting in significant cost savings for the project.

  6. Quality Assurance: Employing a setting out engineer adds an extra layer of quality assurance for your construction project. Their expertise and specialised equipment guarantee that the project adheres to required specifications and standards, delivering excellence at every stage.

Yes, we can provide setting out services for complex or large-scale projects. Our experienced surveyors are skilled in managing the unique challenges posed by diverse projects, employing cutting-edge equipment and technology to ensure accurate and efficient work. Whether it’s a residential development or a commercial build, our team has the expertise to deliver precise setting out services regardless of project size or complexity.

Setting out surveys reduce the risk of errors and costly rework by accurately positioning construction elements according to design plans. By ensuring that all elements are placed precisely and in compliance with specifications, the likelihood of mistakes or deviations from the plan is minimised. This precision not only streamlines the construction process but also prevents the need for expensive adjustments or rework down the line.

Yes, we offer setting out services for both residential and commercial projects. Our team of skilled surveyors has experience working on a diverse range of projects, from single-family homes to large-scale commercial developments. Regardless of the project type, we are committed to providing precise, efficient, and reliable setting out services to meet your needs.

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Other Useful Services

Topographical Surveys

We can survey the land around your building picking up key bits of information such as land heights, tree locations, outbuildings, changes in surface, drainage, and more.

3D Scanning

By default, we utilise 3D scanners on our measured survey projects to produce accurate 3D point cloud files. These are then translated into floor plans, elevations and sections etc.

Utility Scanning

Working alongside our topographical surveys, we undertake underground utility scanning to help work out what is under the ground on your project.

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