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Setting Out A New Conveyor Structure In Dagenham, London

Read about how THS Concepts set out a new conveyor system at Hanson’s wharf in Dagenham, London.

Article By: Tom Ayre | Last Update: November 2020


Hanson Aggregates / GPS Marine


Survey – 4 Weeks


Dagenham, London, UK


Tom Ayre

THS Concepts were appointed by GPS Marine to undertake a detailed existing survey and set out a new conveyor system at Hanson’s wharf in Dagenham.

The new conveyor belt installed as an extension to an existing conveyor system. The conveyor extension would allow different ship configurations to unload on the wharf, expanding the capacity of the site.

The riverside wharf primarily unloads aggregates from dredging vessels. The materials form a number of different materials including tarmac, cement, concrete etc.

THS Concepts were appointed as the setting out engineers and were responsible for the positioning of the new elements. These includes:

  • New support piles
  • Installing pre fabricated walkways
  • Positioning the new conveyor system.

Prior to the arrival of the crane barge and construction team, we undertook a detailed survey of the existing structure. We also setup a thorough control network using our GPS RTK device to align everything to real world co-ordinates. This was useful for a number of reasons, including working out tide levels!

Project Photographs

The project went very well with the conveyor being installed to within 6 mm of it’s planned position. There is always a slightly difficult element about setting out over water. Often the tide / wind can cause issues which can hamper the setting out accuracy. Pitching a pile for instance needs to be carefully undertaken as the wind can blow the top of it and the tide can push it at the bottom!

The conveyor belt is now up and running, transporting dredged materials from the ships into the yard for further processing. Overall we were very pleased with how the project went!

Video Of Conveyor In Operation

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