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Hydrographic Surveys

Bathymetric surveys in lakes, rivers, ponds and reservoirs.

Working with Engineers across the UK, we provide hydrographic / bathymetric surveying services for a number of different projects and applications. We utilise nimble, remotely operated boats to quickly and safely acquire water depth information.

• High detail – Surveys undertaken using total stations and GPS equipment.

• Work quicker – Organised, easy to use CAD drawings.

• Precise data – Get your designs off to a great, accurate start.

• Experienced – Over 2000 surveying jobs since 2013.

• Fully insured – £500,000 professional indemnity.


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Utilising remotely operated hydrographic survey boats, we safely survey for a variety of different inland waterway projects. These include lakes, reservoirs, mines, ponds and more.

Our hydrographic / bathymetric surveying service is usually utilised during engineering projects such as dredging, construction and demolition. The compact nature of our boat allows us to survey shallow areas and compact spaces without the need for GPS signals.

The bathymetric survey information we provide can help inform key decisions. We present the water depth data in clear, easy to use CAD files  / DTM models allowing you to quickly design, take key decisions and get on with your project.

Rapid Survey Information Acquisition

Our shallow draft survey vessel is quick and manoeuvrable allowing rapid survey acquisition. We can typically provide outline results within a few hours of the survey!

Safer Than Conventional Survey Methods

We don't require an operator in a boat or wading in the shallows to pickup the water depths. Our survey boat can be safely launched by 1 person and doesn't require a crane or cradle lowered into the water.

Useful For Smaller, Complicated Projects

Our manoeuvrable survey vessel can safely operate in enclosed, dangerous spaces where conventional methods would be no longer appropriate. These include weirs, locks, water treatment plants etc.

Our Hydrographic Survey Service

Site Survey Service

Our experienced surveyors visit your site, launch the boat and undertake a detailed hydrographic / bathymetric survey of your project.

Hydrographic CAD Drawings

Following your survey, you receive your DWG CAD / DTM (digital terrain model) file. We can illustrate your data in plan, section and 3D format depending on what you require.

PDF Drawings

We also provide your drawings in PDF format, allowing you to easily print, mark up and measure both in the office and while out on site.


Our surveyor takes plenty of photos on site, which are often useful during your project. We can send these in an easy-to-download link.

After Care

We ensure you are 100% satisfied with the drawings and service we provide. Updates and amendments are no problem and are undertaken quickly to get your project moving.

CAD Advice & Tips

We love helping you with projects! If you have an issue with CAD or need some tips to work effectively then we are quite happy to help, free of charge.

Hydrographic Surveys FAQ

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