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3D Laser Scanning

Accurate Point Clouds & 3D CAD Models

Point Clouds • Inaccessible Areas • Historic Buildings • Infrastructure

Working alongside architects, engineers and construction professionals, we undertake 3D Laser scans to produce feature rich, accurate, point cloud data for use in 2D & 3D CAD applications.

Operating across London and the South East, our experienced team use the latest in 3D scanner technology to obtain accurate, high-quality point cloud data. The data we provide can be used in a range of applications from complex BIM applications to simply pulling off section, elevations, and plans.

Utilising FARO 3D scanners, we scan for a range of different applications and projects. When you need to understand and design around complex existing features then we would highly recommend a 3D scan.

Alongside our 3D laser scanning service, we also offer our clients services such as measured building surveys, topographical services, setting out services and more.

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What Your 3D Laser Scanning Service Includes

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“They’re consistent, quick and provide great value for money. Will recommend them for building measures and topo measures in the future.”

Paul Cramphorn | Google Reviews


“Great company to deal with. Prompt, fast and efficient service from the first email to completion of the job. I would highly recommend THS Concepts…”

Tony Hodge | Trustpilot 

5 gold stars in a row
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Key Benefits Of Our 3D Laser Scans

Point Cloud Images From Recent Laser Scans

3D laser scan of a boat
3D scan of a section of a building.
3D scan elevation of a building

Frequently Asked 3D Laser Scanning Questions

The price of a 3D laser scan really depends on the size and complexity of your property. Important factors that increase and decrease 3d laser survey costs include: the survey area, the detail you require and the quality of the companies undertaking the survey.

Typically, most surveying companies charge between £300 and £1000 for a day’s work on site. To follow on from the survey a period of time is required in the office to draw everything up. A day’s drawing in the office may be charged at £200 to £500 a day. Don’t forget to factor in VAT!

At THS Concepts we prefer to give a one-off price for both the surveying and drawing work. That way our clients know exactly what they are going to get and for how much!

At THS Concepts, we pride ourselves in the level of customer service we provide our clients with. We are proud to offer a thorough and conscientious service that will ensure your project runs smoothly.

We use the latest Leica surveying equipment to ensure your project is undertaken efficiently and accurately. Drawing updates and amendments are no problem and we aim to complete them quickly with minimum inconvenience. We’re always happy to offer advice and help with CAD.

THS Concepts holds £5 million in both professional and public liability insurance and we offer a full money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied with our service.

Our 5 star Google & “great” Trustpilot reviews demonstrate the level of customer service we provide both before and after a project has finished.

Measured Building Surveys
Laser scanning a building is a quick way to capture precise and accurate detail for your project. The data captured can be transferred into a BIM program such as Revit for further design and analysis.

Heritage Documentation
Capturing 3D data of heritage buildings is an excellent, non-intrusive way to pick up every nook and cranny. A 3D scan can pick up intricate detail that wouldn’t be possible using conventional surveying methods.

As-Built Verification Surveys
3D laser scanning is a reliable, accurate and quick way of capturing complex environments with features such as complex piping and ducting, enclosed spaces, in accessible areas.

Topographical Surveys
Capturing land and building features via 3D scanning and the subsequent point cloud can help massively when designing complex schemes. The data provided can be instrumental in making a design work.

Street Scene Elevations
3D laser scanning provides exceptional elevation detail on buildings. A 3D laser scan can pick up intricate details that would be impossible to pick up using less advanced technology.

Infrastructure: Railways, Highways, Etc.
Scanning busy environments with complex access issues can be a headache in terms of safety, cost and time. Utilising 3D laser scanning for complex infrastructure projects allows you to quickly and safely capture vital data.

Step 1 – Get a Quote
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Step 2 – Site Survey Undertaken
Our experienced team will visit your property to undertake the surveying process. THS Concepts use the latest Faro / Leica surveying equipment to ensure reliability, accuracy and dependable data.

Step 3 – Producing Drawings and Sending
Back in the office, we produce your drawings and then send your CAD file in the format of your choice. Along with this we also send scaled PDF drawings allowing you to print off and mark up straight away.



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