How Much Does a Topographical Land Survey Cost and Example Prices

In this post, we outline how much topographical survey costs and the factors that can affect the price.

Article By: Tom Ayre
Last Update: August 2019

In this guide, we explain how much a typical topographical survey can cost along with what aspects affect the overall price of the work.

This guide will hopefully shed light on how much a survey costs, how they are quoted for and what you can do to reduce the cost of your topographical survey.

In this article we discuss the following:

  • How much does a topographical survey cost?
  • How to save money when obtaining topographical survey quotes.
  • Example pricing that THS Concepts have charged.

Let’s get started.

How Much Does a Topographical Survey Cost?

Typically land surveying companies charge between £300 and £1000 for a day’s surveying work on site. A surveyor can work on their own but often works in a team of 2 to get the work completed.

The number of hours or days to survey a piece of land can vary based on several factors, these include:

  • The extent of the land to be surveyed.
  • How overgrown the area of land is.
  • The level of detail you require.
  • The level of accuracy you require.
  • The location of the plot of land.

When the surveyor has completed their site work, they will need to return to the office to draw up the topographic plan. A day draughting in the office to produce the drawings can range in price. Typically this could be between £200 and £500 per day. This all depends on the size and location of the site, the surveyors’ experience and greediness of the surveying company!

The hours/days to draw a survey up heavily depend on:

  • The extent of the survey, is there a lot of information to show?
  • The detail required. If there is a lot of features to show then this takes time to complete.
  • The desired CAD output, do you need elements in 3D or 2D etc.

The survey company undertaking the quote will typically work out how many days to survey on-site and draw up in the office. They will then produce a quote based on these time frames. Most surveying companies typically charge VAT which is another cost to factor in.

How to Save Money When Asking for a Topographical Survey Quote

Getting the best value quote for your project is important. Here are some ways you can reduce the cost of your topographical survey when asking for quotes from survey companies:

  • Reduce the size of the land to be surveyed, do you need the whole plot surveyed?
  • Can you reduce the detail? Do you need to pick up certain features such as spot heights in certain locations?
  • Can you make the survey process more efficient? Can you reduce overgrowth and make the Surveyors life easier?
  • Give a detailed specification to avoid doubt. Let the survey company know exactly what to pick up.
  • Check the surveyor’s credentials. Ensure you are using a credible surveying company.
  • Thoroughly check your quote to avoid costs that aren’t required.
  • Request example drawings in pdf & cad format to see what you will receive

We have written a more in-depth guide on how to save money with your topographical survey.

Examples of How Much THS Concepts Have Charged

Here we give you three examples of how much we charged to undertake three fairly standard topographical surveys. The costs quoted included a site survey and producing a topographical survey drawing in CAD and PDF format.

Please note that the costs quoted are heavily based on the distance to the site. Our travel costs are charged from our office in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

Example 1 – Small Site.

aerial photo of a house showing the boundaries of a topographical survey

£600 + VAT
August 2019

Example 2 – Medium Site

aerial photo showing a red lined area for a topographical survey

£1750 + VAT
June 2019

Example 3 – Large Site

Topographical survey extent image large area

£3300+ VAT
February 2019

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Hopefully, this explains how much a topographical survey costs. If you have any questions or queries I can help with then please let me know in the comments section. Happy to assist!



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