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Topographical Survey of Two High Schools in Merseyside

Read about two comprehensive topographical surveys we recently completed on high school academies in Liverpool & Birkenhead.

Article By: Tom Ayre | Last Update: November 2020


Design Consultants


Survey – 5 Days Each
Draughting – 2 Days Each


Liverpool, UK


Chris Horton & Scott Watts

In the summer of 2020, we were approached by regular clients of ours to undertake topographical surveys of two high school academies in Merseyside.

Our role was to provide comprehensive site plans as part of a complete drawing package in combination with other firms, which included internal measured surveys, roof drone surveys and plant inspection reports. Based on a typical topographical survey specification, for each school we were required to record:

  • An adjusted control network of survey stations
  • Spot levels approximately every 10m
  • Landscaping details including paths, planting, steps etc.
  • Surface descriptions
  • Tree positions and sizes
  • Surface evidence of services (manholes/inspection chambers with cover levels)
  • Boundary positions with descriptions
  • Street furniture such as benches etc.

Below are survey extent images of each site, as well as photographs to demonstrate the level of hard and soft detailing.

Project Photographs

Both surveys were undertaken on separate visits, each lasting a week for a team of two surveyors. Following identical programmes, both started with a primary day to complete an adjusted traverse. This allowed for multiple stations to be located around the survey site in strategic positions.

Because each job had a team of two allocated, the surveyors could designate areas of the grounds to one another and utilise the newly installed control network assured of high set-up quality. Working somewhat independently, the aim was to break the sites up into zones and take responsibility for half each.

Given the typical British summer weather, both jobs came with sun and rain! However overall, everything went as planned, except a faulty instrument which caused the loss of a day’s work for one surveyor! This unfortunately comes with the territory of using highly precise but equally sensitive equipment.

Schools are never simple buildings, and both sites boasted a variety of gardens, patios and sports pitches. It was imperative that our drawings included a high level of ground detail to encompass the complex landscaping features and surface evidence of the broad drainage network below ground.

Similar to the survey method, each surveyor draughted their respective zones and the collective work was subsequently combined into a single CAD drawing. As per all of our projects, the site plan ultimately underwent a rigorous checking procedure to remove any erroneous information and ensure clarity of detail.

THS Concepts have undertaken a number of surveys at different schools and academies all over the UK. Our team all have full DBS check certificates and can cater our deliverables to suit our clients requirements.

Project Drawings

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