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Tilt Monitoring Survey

Remote Monitoring Of Structures Using Precise Tilt Sensors

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• High precision – Surveys are undertaken using modern sensors.

• Remote Operation – Readings taken at constant intervals.

• Experienced – Over 2000 surveying jobs since 2013.

• Fully insured – £500,000 professional indemnity.

Working across London and the UK, we install and monitor structures to provide engineers and design professionals that their buildings and structures movement is being accurately monitored.

Why Monitoring Is Important?

Monitoring a building for structural movement is important to ensure the safety and functionality of the building. Early detection of any issues can allow for timely repairs and prevent further damage, such as cracks or a collapse. This helps to ensure the building remains safe and functional. Monitoring can also identify maintenance needs and save on costly repairs in the long run. By regularly monitoring for structural movement, it is possible to maintain the integrity of the building and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Monitoring With Tilt Sensors

Tilt sensors, also known as inclinometers or tilt switches, are sensors that can detect the angle of inclination or tilt of an object. They are commonly used for monitoring the stability and movement of structures, such as buildings, bridges, and towers.

Tilt sensors can be installed on a structure and used to measure the tilt in a specific direction or plane. They can also be used to detect changes in the tilt over time, which can be an indication of movement or instability. By monitoring tilt, it is possible to identify any issues with the stability or movement of a structure and take appropriate action to address them.

The Benefits Of Using Tilt Sensors

There are several benefits of using tilt sensors for monitoring the stability and movement of structures:

  1. Non-invasive: Tilt sensors can be installed on a structure without the need for invasive testing or drilling, which can minimize the impact on the structure and its surroundings.

  2. Continuous monitoring: Tilt sensors can be used to continuously monitor a structure, providing real-time data on its movement or stability.

  3. Early warning: By detecting changes in the tilt of a structure over time, tilt sensors can provide an early warning of potential issues, allowing for timely repairs or corrective action to be taken.

  4. Cost-effective: Tilt sensors are typically more cost-effective than other methods of monitoring the stability and movement of structures, such as strain gauges or accelerometers.

  5. Versatility: Tilt sensors can be used on a wide range of structures, including buildings, bridges, and towers, and in various environments and conditions.

Our Tilt Monitoring Service

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Let us know about your tilt monitoring requirements, and we will get a fixed price quote returned within 24 hours.

Tilt Monitoring Installed

We visit your site and safely install the required tilt monitoring devices. Following the installation, we provide you with a post-setup report.

On-Going Monitoring

The tilt sensors can report back to an online portal with pre-set trigger levels set which email key stake holders on the extent of the movement.

Other Monitoring Services That May Be Useful

Movement Monitoring

We monitor fixed locations on buildings and structures for moving up in elevation and plan. We issue easy-to-understand reports outlining movement over time.

Crack Monitoring

We help our clients monitor cracks that are potentially opening or closing. We install demec studs or gauges to accurately record movement over time.

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