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Setting Out Survey in Hyde Park, London

Read about a setting out project we undertook in Hyde Park, London for an impressive new café.

Article By: Tom Ayre | Last Update: November 2020


Mizzi Studios


Survey – 3 Days


Hyde Park, London


Scott Watts

Our Client

In early 2019, we were commissioned by Mizzi Studios, an architecture firm based in London and Malta, to undertake a setting out survey of a site in Hyde Park, London. Mizzi studios are an RIBA practise are known for their dedication to making the world a better place through inventive, climate-responsive design solutions.

The Required Work

The design of the new café structure was fairly non-standard with plenty of non 90 degree angles, bends and shapes. Using conventional methods to position the structure would have taken a lot of time, energy and effort. It would have potentially yielded in accurate positioning too. The structure was pre-fabricated off site so everything had to fit perfectly when the structure was brought to site.

The Solution

THS Concepts were commissioned to position and set out the steelwork elements for the proposed café. The café was built with unusual angles and elements that required precision setting out services utilising a robotic total station.

The process began with the placement and installation of control stations around the site. These locations in the form of nails and reflective targets would allow us to accurately re position our total station by referencing these fixed positions. Our survey control points were placed on a variety of objects such as lamp posts, benches and other buildings.

Once we had set up our control network, we could begin the process of setting out the structure. We utilise our fleet of one-person robotic total stations which allow a single user to operate. The drawing of the structure was programmed into our total station which meant we could start setting out with ease.

To mark the positions of the various elements, we used precise survey nails to mark the locations. These would then be used by the building contractors to place their steelwork.


The project was set out over a number of days and resulted in a very accurate grid of points for the building contractor to use. The setting out work meant that the building was erected very quickly and precisely, as no awkward on-site adjustments needed to be made.

The finished building is a kiosk, one of many Mizzi has designed in the Royal Parks of London on behalf of artisan cafe brand Colicci.

This kiosk, which opened in spring 2019, has been featured in Wallpaper magazine.

Ashwini - Mizzi Studios
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