Measured Survey of a Royston Summers Architectural Masterpiece in Esher

Read about our measured survey of a modernist property in the beautiful Lakeside cul-de-sac in Esher, Surrey.

Article By: Tom Ayre | Last Update: November 2020


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Survey – 1 Day
Draughting – 3 Days


Esher, London, UK


Chris Horton

Built in 1975 and designed by the renown modernist Architect Royston Summers, Lakeside is a tranquil cul-de-sac of 15 houses situated around a beautiful lake.

Having been recently purchased, THS Concepts were commissioned by an Architect to undertake a full measured survey of one of the spectacular properties within the estate. This was so that the new owner could reinstate the home to its former glory with a much-needed renovation.

For our client to propose a design scheme, we were contracted to provide:

  • Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections

Below you can view photographs of the property from our survey visit, as well as CGI images produced by the Architect demonstrating their amazing interior design proposals.

Looking to Get a Measured Survey?

THS Concepts undertake measured building surveys for Architects & designers looking to design their projects more effectively.

Project Photographs

This survey was completed using a Leica TS15 total station and handheld Leica Disto laser measurer. The combination of the instrument data and handheld notes allowed for an accurate but efficient site visit, which was particularly important to our client who required a high level of precision to assist their interior refit.

The existing interior fit out featured the original maple wood panelling and exposed brickwork, with a heavy focus on the lake views via large floor to ceiling windows. It was critical that our survey drawings distinguished between the exposed structural walls and the decorative panels in order to provide our client with an accurate representation of what could and couldn’t be altered.

Starting centrally, where the main feature stairs and skylight are located, a total station we used to pick up key wall lines to ensure any slight angular discrepancies were illustrated. This information was accompanied by hand measurements of items such as door widths, balustrade details and any areas which could be referenced back to an observed wall line. When undertaking a measured survey, we balance accuracy with efficiency, and this will decide on which equipment is suitable, whether that be a total station, 3D scanner, laser disto or a good old fashioned measuring tape.

It was a large house and a long day, not to mention in the heat of high summer! However, as scheduled we were able to complete the survey in a single visit as promised to our clients.

Because a total station was used, the draughting process was relatively straight forward as the key wall lines were pre-determined using coding and linework within the instrument. Our drawings included aesthetic details such as hatching to illustrate the materiality of the design, and the section drawings were produced to include as much detail as possible using survey data obtained from the small loft spaces in the building.

It was a pleasure to experience this inspirational design and based on our client’s proposals we believe this will once again become a piece of awe-inspiring architecture befitting of its beautiful surroundings.

Project Drawings