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Land Surveying Mini Prism Tripod Holder (THSP75)

Leica Mini Prism Holder / Reflective Target Holder – One Person Survey Setup

Our mini prism tripod (THSP75) and reflective target tripods allow you to backsight on to survey nails without a robotic total station or a survey assistant. The reflective target / prism being closer to the survey nail enables for more precise placement and eliminates the need for a traditional tripod.

The tripod is designed to fit a traditional Leica mini prism with a metal spike diameter of 12mm. In the photos, we are using a Leica GMP111-0.

Our tripod is designed to be as flexible as possible. You can adjust the tripod in 3 different ways to allow you to easily and quickly setup over a nail using a Leica Mini prism or the included reflective target set at a height of +75mm.

Key Features

  • One person survey setups, no robotic total station.
  • Precise adjustment using adjustment bolts to level it.
  • Safer than using a robotic total station (less likely to be stolen).
  • Easily fits in your site bag.

PLA Plastic (can be industrially composted)

Reflective Target Size:
50 x 50 mm

Reflective Target Height:

Width / Length / Height:
155 x 100 x 115 mm

Included Items*

• THSP75 – Reflective Target + Level Bubble
• THSP75B – Leica Mini Prism Holder
• THSP75A – Bipod Adjustment Block
• Free UK Shipping / 30 day returns

*Dependent on purchase combination choice.



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Returns Policy

We offer a 30 day returns policy for un damaged equipment. We offer a 2 year guarantee on our equipment for mechanical failures.


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THSP75 set up over a survey nail
THSP75 Survey bubble
THSP75 Survey Target Box Contents

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Reflective Target Prism Holder THSP75A
THSP75 set up over a survey nail