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THSM20 Magnetic Reflective Target

Environmentally friendly magnetic reflective targets allowing easy re use on metal objects.

Our magnetic reflective targets make it simple to reuse a survey target and secure it to a metal surface. Inside the target box is a strong neodymium that allows you to securely fix your target in whatever configuration you like (facing up, down, left, right etc).

It’s often difficult to impossible to stick targets to metal, especially when it’s wet. These targets are for environmentally aware surveyors who want to use fewer stickers and place them more consistently around the areas they’re working on.

THSM20 survey target mounted on a gate
THSM20 mounted on a shipping container

Key Features

Material: PLA Plastic (can be industrially composted)
Reflective Target Size: 20 x 20 mm
Magnet Type:
Width / Length / Height OA: 22 x 22 x 22mm

Included Items

• 3 no THSM20 magnetic Reflective Targets
• 30 day returns and 2 year warranty
• Free UK Shipping


We aim to ship our products within 3 working days. We can ship internationally via FedEx, DHL, TNT, ARMAX,INDIAN POST etc.

Returns Policy

We offer a 30 day returns policy for un damaged equipment. We offer a 2 year guarantee on our equipment for mechanical failures.


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THSM20 survey target on I-Beam

THSM20 Magnetic Target (3 In A Set)

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Magnetic reflective survey target set of 3