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Read about our setting out survey work at the new Boston Flood Barrier in Lincolnshire

Article By: Tom Ayre
Last Update: November 2019

Client: Hollandia UK / Environment Agency
Project Duration: On Going
Location: The Haven River, Boston, Lincolnshire
Surveyor: Tom Ayre / Scott Watts

THS Concepts were appointed by Hollandia UK who are a renown Dutch engineering company. THS Concepts have worked alongside Hollandia on a number of previous jobs including the slightly smaller flood barrier installed in Ipswich.

The flood barrier has been a big requirement for the town of Boston. A devastating flood in December 2013 caused millions of pounds worth of damage. The cause of the flood was the River Haven which burst it’s banks as a result of a tidal surge.

The 300 ton barrier gate sits in a concrete slot on the river bed. When required the gate will be hydraulically pulled into position to block the flow of water. The assembly components including the gate were built in the Netherlands and shipped over via barge.

Boston barrier flood gate being lifted into position.
Boston flood barrier being built.
total station surveying at the Boston Barrier job.

THS Concepts were commissioned by Hollandia to precisely set out the positions of a number of crucial components. One of which were the gate’s hinging components which has to be positioned to within 2 mm.

The survey work was undertaken using our Leica TS15 1 second total station. The site’s control network was provided by the main contractor (Bam Nuttall) which ensure everyone was setting out on the same grid.

The project has been a great success for THS Concepts and one of the companies proudest achievements. As of November 2019 the gate has been successfully moved into it’s closed position. In the future the remainder of the cofferdam works will be completed prior to flood barrier becoming operational.

We are looking forward to installing the next flood barrier where ever that may be. Having done 2, we feel we are becoming the “go to” survey company for these types of works!

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