3 Reasons You Need a Measured Survey to Plan Your Development

Article By: Tom Ayre

Measured surveys are often crucial parts of property development planning.

A measured building survey is undertaken to produce detailed CAD drawings such as floor plans, elevations and section drawings of a property. Survey tools include anything from basic tape measures up to complex pieces of surveying equipment like total stations or 3D laser scanners. Carrying out a measured survey of your property before starting construction is essential for your architect’s planning and ensures everything works at the building stage.

A decent measured building surveyor ensures all required detail is noted down during their survey, so your architect has all the necessary data to complete their design quickly and efficiently. Your architect should arrange a measured survey of your property at the start of the project – if they haven’t, you should bring it up with them. Here are the main three reasons why:

Keep Your Local Council On Side!

Building works that significantly alter your property require careful planning. In most areas of the UK, it is important to match the new design to the existing and surrounding properties. This can actually be specified as a condition of planning permission. For example, a planning condition may state that a new building development cannot be taller the height of the building next door. Or perhaps the existing porch size must match the rest of street.

An accurately measured survey of your property ensures your architect has the information needed to design around planning constraints. A measured survey can pick up elements such as ridge heights of your property (ridge height is the overall height of a building) as well as that of your neighbours’ buildings.

If poor measurements are taken, this can potentially lead to problems with your local council. In a worst-case scenario – like this case of a homeowner ordered to knock down his mock Tudor castle – the council can enforce notices to remove and rebuild the work.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs and Delays

When undertaking building works it’s important to control costs wherever possible! Inevitably, throughout a construction project, costs increase and issues arise. (If you want five minutes of incredulity and entertainment, read about ten construction projects that broke the bank on a spectacular scale…)

When pricing up construction works, contractors typically ask for your architect’s proposed drawings. This is to check the specifications of the design. If your architect’s drawings are based on an inaccurate plan, your contractor may find a problem onsite and temporarily halt construction. The issue will most probably be that they underestimated the required work, so you will inevitably pay more. Alternatively, your contractor may have overestimated, so you may have wasted money on non-returnable materials such as concrete.

A measured building survey ensures that your architect’s plans are accurate which in turns means floor areas, room widths, heights of rooms, etc., are accurately drawn and will reduce headaches during the building process.

Floor plans - reasons you need a measured survey

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Avoid Any Awkward Design Problems

When designing your project your architect will need to collect information regarding the existing layout of the property. This is so they can create a quality design and produce correct drawings for planning permission and building regulation approval.

Poor forms of existing information about a property can include:

  • Drawings produced based on photos alone
  • Poor quality survey information
  • Old, inaccurate plans that haven’t been poorly scanned in

Inadequate information can cause a whole range of problems. As the project develops, drawing errors cause more and more problems that increase costs and delays. Poor quality survey drawings can also cause major disappointment to people working on their dream project. Incorrect measurements of room sizes can lead to problems such as furniture not fitting, windows in the wrong place, floor levels not aligning etc. Think we’re exaggerating? We’re not. BuzzFeed has collected proof!

A measured building survey can alleviate these problems, as your architect will be working from a highly accurate set of plans, elevations and sections. Their designs will be accurate and a true reflection of existing property features, which will assist the building contractor in their work.

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