Which Country Would the World’s Population Fit Into?

We did the maths so you don’t have to!

Article By: Tom Ayre
Last Update: September 2019

Have you ever wondered how much space the world’s population would fit into if we all stood next to one another and held hands? Us too, so we worked it out!

Using typical architectural design data we have assumed that 16 people can fit in a square measuring 2 x 2 metres. For the world’s population, we have used the Google figure that currently states the population at 7.3 billion people. This gives us an area of approximately 1850 square kilometres.

So which countries have their area close to 1850 square kilometres? We consulted the Internet…

Area = 1705 km2
Population =  468,016

Area = 1861 km2
Population =  752,438

Area = 2040 km2
Population = 1,249,151

So there you have it, the Islands of Comoros in the Indian Ocean is the theoretical area that every person in the world could visit and hold hands in!

World's population could fit into Comoros

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