Topographical Land Survey Introduction

We know topographical surveys can be hard to understand, so we explain everything in this post

Article By: Tom Ayre
Last Update: July 2018

A topographical land survey (also called a land survey, topographical survey or topo survey) is a crucial part of any construction project. They note the exact location and specifications of exterior features of your property, including human-made features (boundaries, neighbouring buildings, walkways etc.), plus smaller details (manholes, drains, fences, lamp posts, etc.) and natural features such as trees, ponds and ground contours. Land Surveys can encompass other types of surveys such as Measured Surveys, Monitoring Surveys, Setting Out Surveys and more.

Land surveyors are usually the first professionals on site; whether it is a new tunnel, a bridge or house, contractors need a surveying company to record and produce detailed drawings of the land and surrounding area.

Hate that new building you drive past every day?

Even if it’s not to your taste, a surveyor has been instrumental in allowing the architect to plan the structure so it’s built efficiently and fits in with the local area! Designers and engineers also rely heavily on topographical surveys. Without accurate measurements then architects, designers and engineers cannot plan their projects accurately and safely, which means they can’t guarantee that they will actually be built.

Land surveyors don’t just stand outside; we also work in the office behind the scenes. We use sophisticated CAD software such as AutoCad and Microstation which allows us to map the site measurements and create high quality, fully scaled 3D drawings of the project. When out in the field, our land surveyors use the latest Leica technology such as Total Stations and GPS Equipment in order to map out an area of land. Our surveyors are fully trained on all necessary equipment so they can complete the job to a high standard for our clients.

Surveyors hold a very important role when it comes to a construction site – without us, the planning process would be difficult, if not impossible! It is so important to first make contact with a dependable survey company so you know your project is in good hands from the very beginning.

Introduction to topographical land surveying

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We hope this was a useful introduction to topographical land surveys. If you have any questions, leave a comment – we’re always happy to assist!

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