Topographical Survey Previous Project at Harston, Cambridgeshire

Read about our topographical survey at Porsche and Aston Martin in Harston

Article By: Chris Horton
Last Update: August 2019

Client: Private
Project Duration: June 2018
Location: Harston, Cambridgeshire
Surveyor: Chris Horton, John Lloyd & Scott Watts

Project Scope

A regular client of THS Concepts recently commissioned us to undertake a topographical survey of a Porsche and Aston Martin showroom in Cambridgeshire.

This was a large 400m² site comprised of numerous buildings and several hundred cars scattered across the grounds – exclusively Porsches and Aston Martins! In order to ensure this survey could be completed with maximum efficiency, a survey strategy was formed before our initial visit. By printing a satellite image of the site, our survey team was able to determine the most suitable locations for control stations and set-up positions.

Satellite view of Harston Porsche

Our pre-survey plan for determining control station positions

Due to the size of this project, multiple visits and several surveyors were required. By tackling the plot area by area we were able to ensure continuity of data without overlapping or missing key elements. Our first visit allowed Chris and John to tackle the front of the site, as well as setting up control, whilst the second and third visits by Scott engaged the middle and rear.

By plotting good quality control before proceeding with the survey, Scott managed to visit the site after the works had begun and continue the survey without any difficulties. Often the key to success with topographical surveys is ensuring thorough consideration is given to the entirety of the project, inclusive of good file organisation and smooth transfer of data from surveyor to surveyor. Our team of experienced surveyors regularly interlink on large jobs like this in order to maximise efficiency and work around existing project commitments in and out of the office.

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Topographical Survey at Porsche Aston Martin

One of our Leica TS15 Total Stations set-up at the entrance of the site

A great example of maximising efficiency by working as a team could be demonstrated by Chris and John’s first visit to the site. Chris used a total station to record reflectorless data, such as walls, posts, trees and roof lines. John worked robotically using a prism to pick up ground information such as kerb positions, surface changes and spot heights.

By doing this we minimise the time spent switching from prism to reflectorless modes as well as ensuring items are not surveyed twice or missed entirely. Working from the same control data, inclusive of mag nails and retrotargets, meant that Scott’s visits could commence swiftly using Chris and John’s recorded co-ordinates consequently saving him time and inconvenience.

Control Station at Porsche

One of our control stations, in the form of a mag nail, located between the kerb stone and the pavement.

Our team enjoy new challenges and the opportunity to survey sites like this are always valued.

If you are interested in our topographical surveying services, whether large or small, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quote!

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