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Article By: Tom Ayre
Last Update: August 2019

Type: Topographical Survey
Client: Marmus Ltd
Location: Fambridge, Essex

Project Scope

Marmus, a consulting marine engineering company, instructed us to undertake a detailed survey of a piece of land next to the River Crouch in Fambridge, Essex. The survey’s purpose was to assist with the design of a new spoil jetty. This spoil jetty will allow barges full of soil from the Thames Tideway project to unload their material and spread it throughout the area to help build up the land. The project is quite important as the soil needs a home after the tunnelling works, and soil helps improve the area’s flood defences by allowing the land and embankments to be built higher.

Undertaking the Topographical Survey

The site itself was relatively isolated, requiring a lot of walking with equipment to get to the area in question. The lack of vegetation and trees on the site helped our surveyors as there were no blocked site lines to go around! Our survey did require one of our surveyors to trudge around the muddy foreshore to take spot height levels, which had to be carefully planned with safety in mind – life jackets were a must!

Topographical Survey Essex

Carrying out the survey

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The area was surveyed relatively quickly; it took six hours from start to finish. Once we returned to the office we drew up the survey and produced a site plan of the area. We were then tasked with taking a number of sections through the site to establish the best locations for the potential spoil jetty. Our drawings helped decide an appropriate location based on the levels of the ground, objects in the way and the hydrography of the river.

Drawings of Topographical Survey Fambridge Essex

Our completed drawings

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