4 Tips to Bring Nature into the Workspace

Interior design company Accent Interiors specialises in office fit outs and designs. Here they share their tips for adding nature to your workspace.

Article By: Samia Majid
Last Update: May 2019

While many of us spend the majority of our weekdays at work, few are able to change the appearance or design features in the office. With the increasing pressure on urban space and the universal presence of technology, there is less opportunity to restore our mental and physical energy, leading to a disconnection with the natural elements of life.

What is Biophilia?

Biophilia meaning ‘love of nature’ focuses on human’s attraction to nature. It reminds us of our genetic connection to the natural world and how our interaction with nature can reduce stress levels. By displaying lifelike representations of nature around the office, this can have positive benefits to employee’s health and well-being.

Biophilic Design in Workplace

Nature is said to have a healing effect on humans. So, with this in mind, when introduced into a commercial setting, it allows workers to function better, be happier, and work more productively.

Welcoming biophilic design in the office is a great way to cultivate nature into the environment, which will provide employees with moments of peace and relaxation. Here’s an example of an office that’s embraced biophilic design into their workspace that we really loved.

This delightful and newfound concept can become part of any person’s office space in several ways. Being conscious of colour palettes, textures and materials used to evoke the wonderful sense of nature, you can achieve a sense of biophilic design.

Here are quick and effective ways you can change the mood and stimulate creativity, peace of mind and a delightfully relaxing office space that your employees will enjoy.

1.    Artwork of Nature

Create a quiet space for workers that will give the impression that they’re in nature at that moment. This could be by hanging photographs of nature or having soothing outdoors sounds. Artwork will allow more creativity to flourish as well as boost positive mood.

two computer desktops with photographs of plants

2.    Display Indoor Plants

Indoor plants will improve the amount of oxygen in the air, as well as reduce the spread of germs. Plants naturally decrease toxins and circulate fresh air, keeping employees feeling refreshed and alert in the process. Choose plants that require low maintenance such as orchids and succulents.

communal desk and plants in an office

3.    Welcome Natural Light

The quality of natural lighting in the office is important. However, this may not be achievable for all office spaces. Make the most of windows, doorways and skylights. Also, changing from cold light to warm light on computer screens decreases stress on one’s eyes and gives workers a better chance of having a good night’s sleep.

laptop on desk

 4. Use Natural Materials

In terms of artwork, materials and surfaces – by displaying naturally-looking scenery or textures can help heighten the sense of nature within an office.

natural wood desk and cabinets

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