Architecture of Buckingham Palace

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Architecture of Buckingham Palace Article By: Francesca Burke Originally a town house, Buckingham Palace is now one of the most famous buildings in Britain, if not the world. Early History The site of Buckingham Palace has a long history. It has been owned by Edward the [...]

The Architecture of Westminster Abbey

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Architecture of Westminster Abbey Article By: Francesca Burke A church has been on the site of Westminster Abbey for over 1,000 years. Origins of Westminster Abbey There seems to have been a church community on the site of Westminster Abbey since about 785CE. In fact, it [...]

Architecture of St Paul’s Cathedral

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Architecture of St Paul's Cathedral Article By: Francesca Burke St Paul's Cathedral has a long history, which is reflected in its design and architecture. St Paul's was founded in 604 CE by Saint Mellitus, although the earliest buildings were damaged or destroyed by Viking attacks and fires. [...]