Surveying the Homes of Celebrities

We treat all our clients like rockstars, but some of them actually are…

Article By: Chris Horton, Director
Last Update: September 2019

Every now and again THS Concepts receive an enquiry to survey a property with a little more significance. Usually large, majestically refurbished and in the most luxurious areas of London, we are often unaware until we visit the dwelling that either the current or previous residents are world-famous celebrities. In over half a decade of measured surveys, THS Concepts’ ‘celebrity homes’ list now boasts a reasonably impressive line-up of A-listers.

Our most prestigious property from this list has to be the former home and brothel of Cynthia Payne. Located at 32 Ambleside Avenue, Streatham, this building definitely embraces historic significance – and since Cynthia’s unfortunate death in November 2015 somebody has taken ownership of the dwelling with ambitions of renovating the dated interior. THS Concepts visited the ‘House of Payne’ in March this year to undertake a full measured survey. There’s definitely something captivating about surveying such a renowned and significant dwelling.

Celebrity Homes Ambleside Avenue

32 Ambleside Drive, Streatham, from

We’ve also had the pleasure of visiting the former and current homes of a couple of rock stars. In 2015 we were fortunate to survey the current home of Queen drummer Roger Taylor; less than a year later we also visited a flat formerly owned by Paul Weller. Unfortunately, our surveyors did not get to meet either celebrity at the time!

Also on the list are authors, festival owners and daytime TV presenters – as well as some I’m sure we aren’t even aware of! When you have the pleasure of visiting extraordinary and expensive properties in Central London, there’s always a chance the owner is little more famous than you had first assumed.

Deep down I guess when we’re standing on the doorstep of a five-storey Kensington townhouse, we’re always secretly hoping the person behind the door is Jose Mourinho or Sir David Attenborough! Maybe next week we’ll get a call from Buckingham Palace for a full measured survey – and a topo of the grounds wouldn’t go amiss either!

We hope you found this interesting. If you have any questions, leave a comment!

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