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Read about our ongoing setting out survey works at Orchard View, Broad Oaks, Kent

Article By: Chris Horton
Last Update: August 2019

Client: Wedgewood Homes
Project Duration: March 2018
Location: Broad Oak, Kent
Surveyor: Chris Horton

Project Scope

Recently THS Concepts was commissioned by regular clients Wedgewood Homes to undertake the setting-out of kerb lines within the new Orchard View estate in Broad Oaks, Kent.

Having previously set out homes in a proposed mini-estate in Sevenoaks for the same company, this new development boasts high-quality dwellings in a range of configurations. Ranging from 3-bedroom bungalows to 5-bedroom detached houses, Wedgewood continues to market their properties to the high-end homeowners who appreciate beautiful neighbourhood planning and contemporary architecture.

Given the recent torrential rain, this site was tricky to work on due to ankle-deep mud throughout. Luckily Chris brought his wellies and managed to stay on 2 feet the entire day – one slip and the 2-hour drive home would have been very unpleasant! Having never visited Orchard View beforehand, the original site control provided was unattainable so it was up to Chris to set-up new control stations. This was achieved using timber stakes, placed in four strategic locations around the site, all visible from the initial set-up position. Knowing that the setting out co-ordinates were aligned to OSGB, each stake was surveyed using our Leica GS08 GPS device. By placing the equipment over each stake (of which a Mag Nail was hammered into the top), Chris could pinpoint their positions to within a couple of millimetres. Knowing the almost exact co-ordinates of each stake, our Leica TS15 Total Station could be re-sectioned to achieve the most accurate position possible.

Orchard View Construction Site Kent

One of the timber stakes located towards the north of the site. This is at the boundary with the orchard the site gets its name from.

From thereon each stake was re-surveyed precisely and a number of temporary retro targets were positioned around the site, thus allowing for quick and efficient movement as the job progressed. A prompt check of existing as-built wall positions ensured Chris was 100% confident with this station set-up and site control.

Using one of our robotic Leica Total Stations, a job like this is easily achievable in one visit by a lone surveyor. Our TS15 devices have controllers which allow the user to walk around the site undertaking the role of a chain person but without somebody at the helm of the Total Station. Motors within the main unit rotate the device so that it locks-on and follows the prism held by the user across long distances. Chris could, therefore, march around Orchard View to stake out the kerb positions, hammering road pins at each location before moving on to the next.

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Orchard View Construction Site Kent

The Leica GS08 controller set-up and surveying the positon of stake SS01 towards the east-end of the site.

Chris set-out approximately 50 kerb positions on this particular visit which will keep the ground workers busy for several weeks. Along with new site control and familiarity of the project, setting out additional kerb positions in the future will be a quick and efficient task. THS Concepts ensure clear and continuous communication with our clients and their sub-contractors to ensure projects such as this advance proficiently. We are always happy to supply other site engineers and surveyors with our control data and appreciate some clients appreciate the opportunity to tender for each stage of the setting out works to a number of companies.

This was an enjoyable and challenging project for Chris – presenting difficult ground conditions within a sociable and well-organised construction site. Knowing the professionalism and quality of Wedgewood Homes’ projects, THS Concepts hopes to work again with them on this site and future new estates in the Kent area for many years to come.

If you require setting out services in the South East of England and beyond, please don’t hesitate to enquire with us to find out about our day and half-day rates. We are always keen to work with new clients on exciting projects like Orchard View.

Orchard View Construction Site Kent

This was by far the muddiest site Chris has ever worked on!

Orchard View, Broad Oaks Drawing

Render of the proposed estate, looking from the site entrance inwards – taken from

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