Previous Setting Out Survey Projects​

From Liberia in West Africa to Edinburgh, Scotland, we work on a variety of projects helping Architects, Engineers and construction professionals. Read about some of our previous projects here.

Site engineering / setting out services to accurately position a new flood barrier. The flood barrier required precise millimetre engineering to adequately protect the town of Boston in Lincolnshire.

Client: Hollandia UK
Survey: 6 months

Previous Setting Out Survey Projects​ - Boston Barrier

River Thames, Dagenham, UK

THS Concepts were tasked with setting out a new-build conveyor system to allow Hanson dredging ships to unload their cargo.

Client: Hanson
Survey: 6 Weeks

Setting out survey on the River Thames at Dagenham using a Leica total station

THS Concepts helped set out the steelwork for a new helipad on top of the Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton, Sussex.

Client: Hollandia
Survey: 2 Weeks

Setting out survey for a new helipad at Brighton Royal Sussex Hospital

THS Concepts helped in setting out a modern, new cafe structure in Hyde Park, central London.

Client: Mizzi Studios
Survey: 3 Days

Setting Out Survey - Hyde Park Cafe