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Topographical Land Surveys

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Working alongside architects, engineers and construction professionals, we undertake precise topographical land surveys and create accurate topographic survey drawings for your projects.

Established in 2013, we are a modern land surveying company working with construction professionals to provide reliable, accurate and detailed CAD / PDF drawings for your projects.

We make your life less stressful by providing accurate, trustworthy land survey data and drawings allowing you to produce, manipulate and analyse key information regarding your land.

So what is a topographical survey? A topographical survey (sometimes shortened to “topo”) is undertaken by a land surveying company whom utilise specialist equipment to map out areas of land. Whilst on site they will record important information such as location of trees, buildings, heights of land and more. Once back in the office, this information will then be converted into a readable topographical survey drawing. This can then be used to accurately plan out future projects involving that land.

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“Great company to deal with. Prompt, fast and efficient service from the first email to completion of the job. I would highly recommend THS Concepts…”

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“Again a very efficient service with quick turn around. A 3D scan survey this time of a site of a partly cleared site, mid terrace, with surrounding walls all over the place.”

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Frequently Asked Topographical Land Survey Questions

A topographical survey (also known as a topographical land survey or topo for short) is a detailed geomatic survey of an area of land.

The survey is typically concerned with picking up both man-made and natural elements. Human-made items include buildings, steps/stairs, drainage, areas of hard standing, etc. Natural elements include ground heights, tree locations, watercourses, etc.

A survey is typically undertaken using a range of surveying equipment including total stations, GPS equipment, handheld lasers, and tape measures.

Following the site survey work, a suite of drawings is produced in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) format. We offer a range of drawing types including plans, elevations, and sections. These can then be used as a basis for your proposed designs.

Topographical surveys can be undertaken to an in-house company standard. A professional survey company, however, will follow standards from industry bodies such as the Survey Association or RICS.

Read more about what a topographical survey is here.

The price of a topographical survey depends on the size and complexity of your property. Important factors that increase and decrease topographical survey costs include the survey area, the detail you require and the quality of the companies undertaking the survey.

We have written a brief article on how much topographical surveys cost.

Typically, most land surveying companies charge between £300 and £1000 for a day’s work on site. Once the survey is completed, time is required in the office to draw everything up. A day’s drawing in the office may be charged at £200 to £500 a day.

Don’t forget to factor in VAT!

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At THS Concepts, we pride ourselves in the level of customer service we provide our clients with. We are proud to offer a thorough and conscientious service that will ensure your project runs smoothly.

We use the latest Leica surveying equipment to ensure your project is undertaken efficiently and accurately. Drawing updates and amendments are no problem and we aim to complete them quickly with minimum inconvenience. We’re always happy to offer advice and help with CAD.

THS Concepts holds £5 million in both professional and public liability insurance and we offer a full money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied with our service.

Our 5 star Google & “great” Trustpilot reviews demonstrate the level of customer service we provide both before and after a project has finished.

Land Development
Surveys for Architects and designers looking to develop land for residential and commercial properties.

Transport Infrastructure
Undertaking work at airports, railways, and on the highways.

Civil Engineering
Surveys for Engineers working on coastal defence, land drainage schemes etc.

UK & International
We have provided survey assistance to clients from Edinburgh to Liberia in West Africa.

  • Step 1 – Get a Quote
    • Get in touch with us today for your topographical land survey quote. We cater to your specifications to make sure you get all the information you require.
  • Step 2 – Site Survey Undertaken
    • Our experienced team will visit your property to undertake the topographical surveying process. THS Concepts use the latest Leica surveying equipment to ensure reliability, accuracy and dependable data.
  • Step 3 – Producing Drawings and Sending
    • Back in the office, we produce your drawings and then send your CAD file in the format of your choice. Along with this we also send scaled PDF drawings allowing you to print off and mark up straight away.

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Example Topographical Land Survey Drawings

Topographical Survey Example Drawing
Topographical Survey Example Drawing
Topographical Land Survey Example Drawing
Aerial Photo of Topographical Survey LandAerial CAD Plan

Click here to view more topographical land survey drawing examples.

Useful Topographical Survey Guides

Topographical Land Survey Case Studies

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Get your project off of the ground today and get a quote for your topographical survey requirements. All quotes returned within 1 working day.

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