Movement Monitoring


Reporting movement (or lack thereof) during construction works / insurance claims.

Reports/graphs • Basement Builds • Piling • Underpinning

Working alongside Party Wall Surveyors and Building Contractors across London & The South East, we provide easy to understand movement monitoring reports to record structural movement (or lack of) over time.

We put your mind at rest during your building works by undertaking detailed movement monitoring surveys and producing clear, easy to read reports that help demonstrate the movement, or the lack of, during a building project.

Our monitoring service is typically utilised during projects where underpinning, basement excavation, and party wall works are taking place. The monitoring reports help you satisfy key requirements and agreements with neighbouring property owners.

During major structural works, we recommend speaking to your project manager about monitoring intervals. Usually, during heavy works, the movement monitoring surveys are undertaken weekly and then moving to a monthly basis when the less intrusive works are taking place.

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What Your Movement Survey Includes

Key Benefits of Our Monitoring Survey Service

“They’re consistent, quick and provide great value for money. Will recommend them for building measures and topo measures in the future.”

Paul Cramphorn | Google Reviews

5 gold stars in a row

“Great company to deal with. Prompt, fast and efficient service from the first email to completion of the job. I would highly recommend THS Concepts…”

Tony Hodge | Trustpilot 

Trust Pilot review 5 stars

“Again a very efficient service with quick turn around. A 3D scan survey this time of a site of a partly cleared site, mid terrace, with surrounding walls all over the place.”

Anthony Kyrke-Smith | Google Reviews

5 gold stars in a row

Example Movement Monitoring Survey Reports & Graphs

Movement monitoring survey example report

Monitoring survey report example

Movement monitoring survey example graph

Monitoring survey report – graphs example

Movement monitoring survey example graph 2

Monitoring survey report – crack gauge example

Frequently Asked Monitoring Survey Questions

Yes, we can suggest positions to monitor however this would need to be approved by you, your Structural Engineer and / or Party Wall Surveyor.

Arrange Specification
Arrange your monitoring survey specification outlining where you want to monitor, how often etc. Also outline if you need other elements such as crack gauges, sound monitoring, vibration monitoring etc.

Setting Up
On our first site visit, we will install the targets, crack gauges etc that we will be monitoring.

The installed targets usually white 25 x 25 mm sticky-backed targets that are either mounted to the wall directly or secured on to metal brackets with adhesive.

For targets that aren’t on ground level we usually ask our clients to arrange access with ladders or access platforms however we can arrange ourselves.

Post Setup Report
Following the setup, we issue a post-setup report illustrating what we have set up and where. This is useful for your records and can help explain things to neighbouring properties etc.

At THS Concepts, we pride ourselves in the level of customer service we provide our clients with. We are proud to offer a thorough and conscientious service that will ensure your project runs smoothly.

We use the latest Leica surveying equipment to ensure your project is undertaken efficiently and accurately. Drawing updates and amendments are no problem and we aim to complete them quickly with minimum inconvenience. We’re always happy to offer advice and help with CAD.

THS Concepts holds £5 million in both professional and public liability insurance and we offer a full money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied with our service.

Our 5 star Google & “great” Trustpilot reviews demonstrate the level of customer service we provide both before and after a project has finished.

We have been involved in a range of different projects varying in size. Typically, our monitoring survey service is applied for projects such as:

  • Basement construction
  • Underpinning
  • Heavy nearby demolition
  • Earth movement projects
  • Settlement and deformation
  • Insurance claims

We operate both nationally and internationally, we have been as far as Liberia in West Africa to undertake our survey service.

However, we typically operate in London & The South East. This includes Kent, Hertfordshire, Sussex, Surrey, Suffolk and Essex.

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