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Capturing Point Cloud Data for Buildings In London

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• High detail – Laser surveys undertaken using laser 3D scanners.

• Work quicker – Organised, easy to use CAD drawings.

• Precise data – Get your designs off to a great, accurate start.

• Experienced – Over 2000 surveying jobs since 2013.

• Fully insured – £500,000 professional indemnity.

Working across London and the UK, we undertake detailed as-built 3D laser scanning to provide clients with detailed point cloud and CAD drawings.


3D Scanning Services London​

THS Concepts undertake laser scanning services for London based Architects, Engineers and construction professionals looking for detailed, accurate spatial data for their buildings.

We provide precise point cloud data along with 2D and 3D CAD drawings of your projects. We use Faro 3D laser scanners known for their reliability and accuracy.

We have worked across the city from Wembley Stadium in the North to office buildings in Croydon in the South. 

Measured survey with a 3D scanner at Wembley Stadium
Point cloud scanning in Wembley Stadium, London

Our 3D Scanning Service

Our experienced team works across London and the South East to obtain accurate, high-quality point cloud data using the latest in 3D scanner technology. Our data can be used in a variety of ways, from complex BIM applications to simple section, elevation, and plan extraction.

Utilising FARO 3D scanners, we scan for a range of different applications and projects. We regularly scan for construction and engineering applications on a range of different sites and applications.

How Does 3D Laser Scanning Work?

We start with walking around the area that needs scanning to work out where to set our tripod to capture the required data. 

Following this we setup our 3D laser scanning equipment and begin capturing the spatial data in that location. Following this we move to our next setup position and start the scanning process again. Some jobs can entail 100’s of scans depending on their size!

Once all the data has been captured on site it is time to begin the office work. This involves processing the 3D scanning data and registering each individual scan to the other to form a master point cloud file.

Once the point cloud file has been made it can be sliced in various ways to produce CAD floor plans, elevations, sections etc. 

3D Laser Scanning At Barbican Underground Station
3D laser scanning at Barbican Underground station in London

How Much Is 3D Scanning Services In London?

A day’s scanning and registration in London, for example, would cost around £850 + VAT (assuming 70 scans or so). 

Giving a fixed price for a on-site 3D scan in London is tricky as it all depends on how big the area you need scanning is. It also depends on how much office work is required to produce the data you require (point clouds, 2d drawings, 3d drawings etc).

Talk to us today and get a fixed price quote for your project. We can have a look at your property and get a rough idea on how long it will take etc.

3D Scan cut through section in an old barn.

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“Proactive on site and quick. Customer service is of the highest level as well. Will be using for all future projects.”

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“Professional and attentive. They produced good quality CAD survey tailored for the specific needs of our project. Their price was reasonable and they delivered it on time.”

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“Very efficient service with quick turnaround. I have used THS-Concepts before and I will again, when I next need a detailed survey.”


Geoff Smith
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“Chris and the guys at THS were absolutely fantastic! They were extremely reasonable cost wise yet provided an outstanding service, despite my complicated situation and numerous changes we had to make.”

Measured surveying using AutoCAD
Measured survey floor plan example
3D Laser scanning outside a house in London



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