Office Decoration Tips & Fit-out Checklist

London’s Decorating & Fit-out specialists The Invisible Painter share with us their top tips for office decoration as well as an office fit-out checklist.

Article By: Oliver Casciani
Last Update: August 2019

Improving the productivity of an organisation is never an easy feat, however, noticeable improvements in office morale and happiness can be achieved with simple office improvements.

Before getting the professionals in, there are a number of cost-effective methods you can try yourself to spruce the place up and make your office far more inviting for you, your employees and even your clients.

Decoration Tips

Cut the Clutter

Remove any unnecessary objects and streamline the workspace. A clear desk is a clear mind, the same can be said for an entire office.

Non-work Related Items

Including items from your out of office life can really help you relax and feel more comfortable at work. This can really help people to relax in stressful situations and evoke feelings of happiness.

Colour Scheme

If you haven’t already decided that your workspace needs a lick of paint, perhaps you should reconsider it. It has been found that neutral colours (white, grey, cream) can help focus the mind and are well suited to law and finance lines of work. Whilst more creative fields are better catered to with more vibrant colours like orange and red.

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Go Green

Who doesn’t like plants? Be it real or fake if their upkeep is too time consuming, plants can help to add a feeling of tranquillity in the office. Real plants can also help filter and clean the air in the office

Encourage Natural Light

This goes hand in hand with adding greenery to your office. Not only is natural light necessary for your newly added plants, it’s also core to your circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms help to dictate sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, bodily functions and a multitude of other biological changes. Light is the biggest dictator of your circadian rhythm, so by adding natural light to your office you’re not only improving your work environment, you’ll also be helping your body.

Fit Out Checklist

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If an office redecoration is not on the cards, and instead you’re planning a full fit out/refurbishment, then there is checklist that we have developed to ensure you don’t miss any details. This can be an expensive project, so it makes sense for you to know exactly what’s involved

With that in mind, here’s our office fit-out checklist to get you up to speed…

Who Should Manage Your Office Fit-Out?

Without the right person at the helm, an office fit-out/refurbishment can end up as a big mess and leave a big hole in your pocket. It’s best to have a single individual who can manage the process from your end to make sure they have all the information when any decisions need to be made. The perfect person for the job should be:

  • Senior enough to make decisions
  • A good communicator
  • Aware of the budget and able to stick to it
  • Extremely organised
  • Capable of multitasking

Do the Maths!

A fit-out is likely to put a considerable dent into your offices’ expenses. For this reason, it’s imperative you set a realistic budget and break down how much each individual part of the job will cost. Costs you should definitely consider are:

  • Planning permission fees
  • Transaction fees for agents and lawyers
  • Costs incurred by the landlord to draw up a Licence to Alter
  • Fire plan assessments
  • Environmental assessments
  • Insurance
  • Design costs
  • IT and telecoms
  • Furniture
  • Contingency costs
man working in TV Studio and Office

When and Where

A full office fit-out can be quite disruptive, you need to consider how much disruption it will cause and whether it can be done outside of office hours. Continuing from this point, you should add the following points to your checklist:

  • Ask the contractors whether they have experience completing’ business as usual’ fit-outs
  • Discuss how much work needs to be one during office hours and the likely impact it will have
  • Discuss measures that can be put in place to minimise disruption
  • What do you want to achieve?

If an office fit-out sounds like a lot of work, it’s because it is. Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to full office revamps, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Armed with these redesign tips and fit out checklist, you can tackle your next office redesign head-on.


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