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Used by Party Wall Surveyors & Contractors across London & The South East. THS Concepts provides easy to understand movement data for structures that are undertaking or near to construction works such as basements, extensions, underpinning etc.

Precise and easy-to-understand monitoring reports to show structural movement over time.

We provide monitoring surveys to clients in the process of undertaking extensive structural works to their property. Our monitoring service is typically utilised during projects where underpinning, basement excavation, and party wall works are taking place. Our monitoring surveys and subsequent reports help clients satisfy key requirements and agreements with neighbouring property owners.

Your monitoring survey works can be undertaken at intervals to suit your agreement terms. Typically we undertake weekly readings however some jobs specify daily, and others monthly for instance. When setting up your project we use fixed reflective targets or prisms to accurately record data over a set time period. The reports you will receive are clear to read and easy to understand with vertical and horizontal degrees of movement shown.

Monitoring Survey Results Graph showing vertical and horizontal movement
X Y Distance Graph Monitoring Survey screenshot

Key Benefits

Professional Reports & Data
Your reports will show horizontal and vertical movements over time in a clear, easy to read manner. We typically return all monitoring survey reports within 1 day of the survey. If we notice any major movements whilst on site then these will be flagged to the relevent site team member.

Trust Our Measurements
Our surveys are undertaken using Leica equipment, renown for its accuracy. As a result, you can trust that your design proposals will work with the space you have.

Excellent Client Relationships
Our Google & TrustPilot reviews demonstrate the level of customer service we provide both before and after a project has finished. Our experienced monitoring survey team have undertaken a number of different projects ranging in size from small underpinning to jobs to large 3-storey basement excavations.

Have Confidence In Our Service
Our professional service provides you with peace of mind with our £5,000,000 professional liability insurance and £5,000,000 public liability insurance. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of our work if you are not happy with the result! We’re also happy to provide health and safety documents if required.

Monitoring Survey report screenshot with survey positions and differences

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“Very happy with the service we received and the communications we’ve had.”

Polly Pantelides

“THS Concepts provided our architectural firm with a movement monitoring survey over the course of several months, and were very helpful throughout the whole process from their transparent pricing to quick turn around times. They were friendly and professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”


“As an experienced professional construction manager I would have no reservations in recommending THS. I am very pleased with the service they have provided me.”


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Where do THS Concepts operate? 2018-05-25T10:05:34+00:00

We have worked as far away as Liberia in West Africa. However, 99% of our work is undertaken in London and the South East. This includes counties such as Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Suffolk, Surrey and Sussex.

If you are outside of these areas we are more than happy to provide you with a quote.

What will I receive after my each monitoring survey visit? 2018-01-16T21:01:50+00:00
  • Monitoring survey report outlining movement since the start of the project & since the last reading.
  • Monitoring graphs to easily visualise horizontal and vertical movement over time.
  • Photographs showing any visible signs of cracks (please request).
How soon can you get to my project? 2018-05-25T10:08:00+00:00

We understand the need to get your project turned around quickly. Usually, we can get to you within 7 days and have the drawings turned around in another 7 working days based on a drawing package consisting of plans, elevations and sections.

If you are really pushed for time then please let us know and we shall see what we can do for you!

How do you fix your monitoring survey targets? 2018-01-16T21:04:36+00:00

Typically we fix 25 x 25 mm reflective tape targets to walls using epoxy glue. The reason being is that the targets have to be very secure to allow the subsequent surveys to be undertaken as accurately as possible. We ttry and place all targets away from locations where they can be peeled off and in areas where paintwork damage can be reduced.

If we need to fix prisms then this usually requires a little more work as we may need to drill into existing walls to fix and resin them in.

Do you provide risk assessments & method statements for your works? 2018-01-16T22:44:38+00:00

At THS Concepts we provide our Surveyors with a method statement on how the work should be undertaken combined with a risk assessment outlining potential dangers on site and how these can be mitigated. If you need these supplied for your project then please let us know so as we can send before we arrive.

Can you suggest a plan for the monitoring survey? 2018-01-16T21:01:44+00:00

We can supply you with a monitoring survey proposal which outlines elements such as where targets can be positioned etc. We do advise that you speak to a Building Surveyor who can verify or set out the monitoring survey requirements.

Can I see an example monitoring survey report? 2018-01-16T22:07:25+00:00

No problem at all. If you follow the link below you will see an example PDF report from a previous job we have undertaken. We have also attached an example graph showing the movement on one point. For privacy reasons, we have had to take the job name details off of the report.