Measured Survey Previous Project: Burdon Lane, Sutton

Read about our measured survey project undertaken in Sutton, London.

Article By: Tom Ayre
Last Update: October 2019

Client: Conrad Koslowsky Architects
Project Duration: 1 Week Survey | 1 Week Draughting
Location: Sutton, London, United Kingdom
Surveyor: Jack Bidston

THS Concepts were commisioned by Conrad Koslowsky Architects, a highly regarded Architectural practise based in London.

The survey was undertaken on a corner plot in Burdon Lane, Sutton, London. In its former days the property was a care home that was later converted into an 18 bedroom home of multiple occupancy.

THS Concepts were asked to survey and produce a range of drawings. These included, floor plans, elevations, sections and a roof plan. The measured survey will be used as a basis to produce the proposed construction and planning application drawings.

Front elevation of a house
Surveying inside a house with a total station
Rear elevation of a stairwell

Currently the project is being designed by Conrad Koslowsky Archiects. We are excited to see the proposed designs for the building.

To accuratley survey the building and the surrounding land we used a robotic Leica TS15 total station. Internally we used a mixture of Leica handheld lasers, the Leica total station and surveying tape measures.

Overall the survey process went well. The only slight issue was the lack of power which meant there were dark areas of the property. We had to illuminate areas with battery powered flood lights. Some of the floors were a bit water damaged which meant in some rooms it was tricky to set up our tripod mounted total station.

The drawings were presented in CAD & PDF format.

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