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Article By: Tom Ayre
Last Update: September 2020

Use this article to download or copy-and-paste an outline measured survey specification document. A good specification document allows you to get the best quotes for your measured survey project. You will lock down exactly what you need and don’t want on a job. This could, therefore, ultimately save you money and speed up the surveying process.

When hiring a measured building survey company to produce drawings of your property, it’s important they are aware exactly what’s required. This can include elements such as extent and location of sections, the quantity or number of elevations, floors to survey, etc. Knowing exact specifications for surveying is important as you or your architect may be particularly interested in a certain section of a building.

Providing your surveyors with a specification is crucial as it outlines exactly what you want. Firstly, it means that if your surveyor doesn’t pick up the required details they are accountable! Secondly, it can also help save money as certain elements of your property may not require surveying.

Here’s what we recommend including in a measured survey specification:

Measured Survey Specification

User Note: Use this section to specify where the project is.

Address:  Insert Project Address Here
County: Insert Project County Here
Postcode: Insert Project Postcode Here

User Note: Use this section to specify the amount and type of drawings you require.

Floor Plans
– Quantity Of: x No
– Comment: (E.G Basement, Ground, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, Other.)

Loft Plans
– Quantity: x No / Not Required
– Details: (E.G Pick up all details)

– Quantity: x No / Not Required
– Details: (E.G 1 front Elevation, 2 side elevations and 1 rear elevation)

– Quantity: x No / Not Required
– Details:  (E.G 1 wide section and 1 long section)

Internal Elevations:
– Quantity: x No / Not Required
– Details: (E.G All wall elevations in lounge and dining room)

Roof Plan(s)
– Quantity: x No / Not Required
– Details: (E.G Roof plan including chimneys and heights)

Site Plan
– Quantity: x No / Not Required
– Details: (E.G All details in rear and front garden)

User Note: Use this section to specify exactly what you want and don’t want the survey company to survey.

General Items
– Aerials / Satellite Dishes / Receivers
– Ceiling Levels And Beams.
– Changes In Floor Levels.
– Chimney Breasts.
– Door Head Heights.
– Door Locations.
– Extent Of Kitchen Work Tops.
– Fixed Cupboards.
– Locations Of Sanitairyware (Sinks, Toilets, Baths Etc).
– Loft Hatch Location(S).
– Plugs (E.G Power, Tv, Phone Etc)
– Radiators
– Rain Water Pipes, Soil Waste Pipes.
– Room Use.
– Service Sources – Gas, Electricity, Water Stopcock.
– Sky Lights.
– Stair Locations.
– Wall Locations.
– Window Cill And Heights.
– Window Locations.

Site Plan
– Approximate Site Levels (Hand Measured).
– Fence Lines And Heights.
– Inspection Chambers Within 10 M Of External Walls.
– Location And Spread Of Trees (>0.2 M Diameter)
– Outbuildings.
– Surface Changes.

User Note: Use this section to specify what format you would like the drawings returned to you.

Drawing Return Format:
– PDF’s
– Paper Copies – A3
– Paper Copies – A2
– Paper Copies – A1
– Paper Copies – A0

CAD Format:
– DWG 2004
– DWG 2007
– DWG 2010
– DWG 2013
– DWG 2018

User Note: Use this section to specify other requests that weren’t covered above.