Level Survey Previous Project at Carmel House, Gants Hill, London

Learn about our Level Survey in Gants Hill, East London

Article By: Tom Ayre
Last Update: September 2019

Client: Taylor Wimpey
Project Duration: 2015
Location: Gants Hill
Surveyor: Chris Horton, David Regan, Tom Ayre

Project Scope

Our team was commissioned by housing developer Taylor Wimpey to carry out a level survey on a 50 x 12mm roof on a set of new build apartments at Carmel House on Perth Road, Gants Hill. The roof, on the 12th floor of the apartment block, was showing signs of pooling water that were not being drained away. This was causing problems with damp on the apartments immediately underneath.

Level Survey, Gants Hill, London

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To begin with, we undertook a thorough survey of the roof using our Leica EDM instrument. The roof was surveyed in a 2 x 2m grid, which allowed sufficient detail to be recorded and indicated where areas of the roof were lower than required. This survey was undertaken by two surveyors, tasked with the arduous task of moving pebbles from the area and then drilling through the insulation to the concrete slab level.

Following the survey, we produced a detailed drawing showing the outline of the roof and the surveyed spot level heights. As well as this, a number of sections were drawn up to illustrate where the low spots on the roof were. Then we were asked to check the proposed new tapered insulation system to see if and how it would work when laid on the concrete slab.

The survey we carried out, along with the subsequent drawings, allowed the project’s roofing contractor to install a new tapered insulation system which fixed the problem of the pooling water.

Level Survey - Gants Hill - London

Our completed drawing

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