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Article By: Chris Horton
Last Update: July 2019

THS Concepts are fast becoming the ‘go-to’ specialists for solicitors in Essex and around the South East. We are one of few Land Surveying firms who dedicate employees to Land Registry drawings and have built an extensive array of experience with title and lease plans as well as boundary disputes and setting out.

Below are just a few of the Land Registry survey services we offer:

Lease Plans

Often we are contacted by both solicitors and home owners whom require updated lease plans for apartments, retail and commercial units. If the internal layout of your property has changed or you are selling and the existing lease plan is old and no longer compatible, it is likely you’ll require an up-to-date Land Registry-compliant lease plan. This usually requires a brief survey of the dwelling/unit as well as any common areas and gardens, all of which is picked up by one of our team at the time of their visit. Plans are then draughted in our office and the requisite colours are applied to distinguish the rights and extents of your deeds.

However, if you have existing plans of your property from an architect (due to renovation works) or a good quality agents plan, it is possible we can produce your lease plan without a site visit. Whilst this isn’t always possible it can certainly save you both time and money.

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Title Plans

Title plans are produced to accompany the deeds of a registered title. Most of the time they are as simple as a red line around the boundary of a plot of land and can be created by THS Concepts using Ordnance Survey data. However, sometimes a site survey is required and our team of surveyors are on hand to assist. Whether it be re-defining boundaries, updating old and unsuitable plans or making excursions for new rights of way, THS Concepts have the knowledge and experience to help.

We use Ordnance Survey data for all of our Land Registry drawings using our recommended online provider This information is critical for the location plan on your drawing and allows us to overlay our survey data via utilisation of our Leica GPS devices.

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Transfer of Land Plans (TP1)

When a portion of land is transferred out of one registered title and into another, a TP1 form and accompanying plan is required. This shows the original title boundary in one colour and the land to be transferred edged in another. Sometimes a survey is required in order to produce a TP1 plan – especially if the dividing boundary or fence has already been erected. Equally it is sometimes possible to simply work from a purchased Ordnance Survey plan in CAD software.

THS Concepts can also set out proposed boundary lines for you, whether that be from a newly created title or TP1 plan, or using survey data such as reference lines and offsets. If you and a neighbour are transferring a portion of land we can survey the existing boundaries and at the same time set out the new boundary upon mutual agreement with both parties. By doing this at the same time of the survey, our team can measure the position of the proposed new fence line (via timber stakes in the ground for example) and plot this on to your TP1 plan. This ensures maximum accuracy between the plan itself and what is actually on site, avoiding future boundary disputes.

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Boundary Disputes

We always recommend that you discuss boundary dispute matters with a qualified legal professional who specialises in boundary law. However, often you or your solicitor will require an accurate site plan to assist with any claims regarding incorrect fence positions. THS Concepts are able to produce scaled plans of any areas in question by surveying as-built fence and wall positions and aligning this data to Ordnance Survey. We can also pick up building positions, tree locations and other physical items which could assist with your dispute. If you feel our services could be of assistance to you it is worth getting in touch with us to discuss matters and see how we can help.

Additionally we can set out boundaries based on existing registered titles. This isn’t always the most accurate method but sometimes there is little other option if no fence line currently exists. In instances where the title deeds do not state any dimensions or offsets to determine boundary positions, THS Concepts can usually overlay your title plan on to a CAD-based Ordnance Survey plan in order to determine the correct boundary lines. We will then use this data to set out on site using a GPS device and timber stakes. This is the least accurate method for determining and positioning physical boundaries but is often suitable as the only practical solution. Get in touch with us if this is something that could benefit you.

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