Measured Surveys | How Much Do They Cost and How To Save Money?

Find out how much you can expect to be charged for a measured survey project and how to save money!

Article By: Tom Ayre
Last Update: August 2019

In this article, we will explain how much measured survey costs and the various factors that go into the pricing of a measured survey.

By reading this article you will have a better understanding of how surveys are priced. This will subsequently help you to get the best value measured survey quotes for your project.

In this article we have a look at the following:

  • How much does a measured survey cost?
  • Example costs based on previous THS Concepts jobs.
  • How to reduce your measured survey costs.

Let’s get started.

How Much Does a Measured Survey Cost?

Frustratingly we haven’t got an easy answer this question as the cost of a measured survey has so many factors that influence the price.

Key things that influence the cost of a measured survey include:

  • Size of the property to be surveyed.
  • The level of detail to be required.
  • The distance from the survey companies office (travel costs).
  • How accurate the survey needs to be.

For a typical 3 bedroom house with floor plans, elevations and sections you can expect to pay between £1000 and £2000 from an experience measured building survey company.

The cost of the survey includes the actual site visit to measure up and the production of drawings in PDF and CAD formats. This all depends on the size and location of the site, the surveyors’ experience and greediness of the surveying company!

Getting the best price combined with a great survey that is useful, accurate and produced by a reputable company is important! The worst-case scenario is paying over the odds for a measured survey and receiving poor quality drawings that are inaccurate, difficult to manipulate and turned around late.

measured building surveyor using a tape measure

Example Measured Survey Costs

Here we give you three examples of how much we charged to undertake three fairly standard measured building surveys. The costs quoted included a site survey and producing drawings in CAD and PDF format. We have listed the drawings we provided for each job.

Please note that the costs quoted are heavily based on the distance to the site. Our travel costs are charged from our office in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

How To Get The Best Value Measured Survey Quotes

In this guide, we give approximate costs for measured building surveys and provide you with cost-saving tips to reduce the costs of your measured survey.

Keeping your survey costs under control is important, especially when project finances are tight. Our tips include:

Tip 1 – Reduce The Measured Survey Scope

Think about where you are undertaking your proposed works. If you are simply adding a loft extension then it may only be necessary to produce floor plans for the top floor of the house. There is no need to survey the whole property as it simply isn’t required for the proposed work.

Tip #2 – Do You Need All That Detail?

The level of detail required can have a massive impact on your measured survey costs. If you need a large property surveyed then a good tip is to specify the areas where you need more detail and where you need less.

There is sometimes no need to survey all areas in high detail. This will save your surveyors’ time and ultimately lower your costs.

Practical Tip: When specifying the area of a property to be surveyed, consider marking up a Google Maps overhead image. Using a program like MS Paint to simply mark up the boundaries of what you need surveying as well as areas where you need less or more detail will help reduce costs.

Tip #3 – Can You Make the Survey Process More Efficient?

The location and type of property that needs surveying can make a huge difference in your survey costs. For instance, surveying a multiple-roomed old house will be more complicated than surveying an open-plan office.

If you have particularly odd-shaped room in your property, it may be worth emptying it so it’s easier and quicker to navigate. Your surveyor will thank you… your bank balance will too!

Tip #4 – Give a Detailed Specification to Avoid Doubt

When getting in contact with a surveying company for a measured survey cost, you must give them all the information they need to accurately price the required works.

Outlining your exact requirements will potentially save you money as the company will know exactly what you do and don’t need out of the survey.

In the specification, you must state elements such as the types of drawing you need, which features are important, etc. Another good idea is to provide photographs of the property if you have them. Photos are really helpful as it gives the survey company a better idea of what the site is like in person.

Practical Tip: download our measured survey specification document for an example of what to include.

Tip #5 – Check the Surveyor’s Credentials and Don’t Get Ripped Off!

A measured survey is an important part of any building project and serves as a key component when planning out your property development projects. If you want to save on future costs then ensure the land survey company you employ is:

Experienced Are they a new company that has just started? This may be a sign of inexperience.
Suitably insured If things do go wrong then it’s comforting knowing that the company you are dealing with is insured.
See examples Have a look at examples of work they have produced, does it come across as professional?
Practical Tip: A legitimate survey company should be able to demonstrate their level of customer service through positive reviews from clients, good quality drawings and they should be able to provide insurance certificates.

Tip #6 – Thoroughly Check Your Quote

When you receive a quote from the surveying company, check that it contains all the relevant information you need for your survey. Your company must understand your specification – you don’t want them coming back and asking for more money because they either didn’t understand your specification or they misunderstood it.

It is also worth checking terms and conditions to check there are no additional fees for revisions to the drawing or returning to the site if they haven’t picked something up correctly.

Tip #7 – Request Example Drawings in PDF & CAD

When getting quotes for your measured survey ask for example drawings in both PDF and CAD format. You can then have a little look at the drawing to see how organised they are, level of detail they typically pick up, etc.

Having a poor quality survey drawing will cost you time and money as you may need to send the surveyor back to site to pick up more detail, thus causing delays!

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