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Download our free monitoring survey specification document in Microsoft Word format.
Written By Tom Ayre – Company Director

In this post, we give you a free, downloadable Microsoft Word monitoring survey specification document.

You can then edit this document to your own monitoring specification and send out to monitoring survey companies to get quotes for your project.

Hopefully this document will save you a bit of time in the office and allow you to quickly produce and send out your own monitoring survey specification documents!

Key features include:

  • MS Word 97-2003 format.
  • .Doc format
  • Headings formatted correctly.
  • Completely open source.
  • Ready to edit

Download Monitoring Survey Specification Document

Wembley stadium surveying with a total station

Do You Need A Quote For A Monitoring Survey?

THS Concepts undertake a range of different monitoring surveying services. These include movement monitoring and crack monitoring. If you need a quote for your project then please get in touch.

If you are un sure on your monitoring survey requirements we can send you a free, outline proposal based on our experiences of similar projects in the past.

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