Colourful Buildings in Vietnam, France & Mexico

In this post, we share a few of the most colourful buildings on the planet!

Article By: Francesca Burke
Last Update: July 2019

Most residential properties are painted in similar shades of grey, brown or – on the odd occasion – yellow. Not these…

Hang Nga Villa, Da Lat, Vietnam

In Da Lat, Vietnam, sits Hang Nga ‘Crazy House’, a Roald Dahl-meets-Walt-Disney creation with curved walls, spiralling roofs and branchlike banisters. Designed by Đặng Việt Nga, the building was originally a personal project inspired by Antoni Gaudí and the natural surroundings of Da Lat. Now open for tourists to visit, there are guided tours and the option to actually stay in the guest house.

‘Treatment Rooms’, London, England

This West London house is owned by Carrie Reichardt, a renowned mosaic artist! Although the designs took several years to complete, the house is now an unlikely tourist destination and colourful addition to a residential street. Read more about visiting the Treatment Rooms here.

Les Fresques de Bel Air, Chantres, France

This housing estate in Chartes, just outside Paris, was redecorated in 2008 using the trompe-l’œil method, which creates optical illusions. The residents of the buildings chose the designs themselves, so each mural is slightly different! Like the Treatment Rooms, Les Fresques de Bel Air is not officially a tourist attraction, but it’s easy to visit to see the wonderful designs for yourself.

Nautilus Giant Seashell House, Mexico City, Mexico

Another project inspired by Gaudí: the Nautilus Giant Seashell House in Mexico City. The walls are curved, there’s a large stained glass window and the bathroom sink is mosaiced. The delivery driver is never going to get the wrong house when you’ve got multicoloured a seashell house!

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