Measured Survey Previous Project at Sheen Lane, South West London

Read about our measured survey at a property in Sheen Lane, South West London.

Article By: Francesca Burke
Last Update: September 2019

Client: L+ Architects
Project Date: March 2019
Location: South West London
Surveyor: Jack Bidston

Project Scope

In March 2019, THS Concepts was commissioned to undertake a detailed measured survey of a private property in Sheen Lane, South West London. L+ Architects, a regular client, was undertaking a thorough redesign of the property and required clear, precise drawings to work from. The project included a rear extension, a loft conversion and a refurbishment so it was important to get all the required detail!

architectural proposal
CGI Kitchen Proposal

L+ Architects used the data from the CAD file of our measured survey drawings to create these fantastic visualisations as part of their proposals. This is just one of the reasons it’s so important to use a reliable, precise surveying company!

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Previous Surveys
floor plan drawing of Sheen Lane London

A floor plan drawing of the property, completed by Jack Bidston.

elevation drawing of Sheen Lane London

An elevation of the property, completed by Jack Bidston.

Measured Survey Manager, Jack Bidston, undertook the survey in one day and completed the drawings in three days. The job was straightforward, with clear communication from the client, which is the sort of job we love! We have since taken on more work from L+ Architects and look forward to continuing our relationship with them in future.

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