How and Why You Should Use Q Select For CAD

We Show You The Enormous Benefits In Using Q Select Command and How It Can Speed Up Your CAD Work

Article By: Tom Ayre
Last Update: October 2018

Getting quick at CAD allows you to excel at work by being able to produce work quicker and more effectively. CAD is a relativley simple program with lots of little time saving commands such as Q Select.

In this blog article I will be showing you how to use the command and explain why it is a massive time saver.

Lets get started!

Key Benefits Of Using Q Select

  • Allow you to filter objects such as lines, circles, text, based on the properties.
  • Really useful to change multiple objects with similar or the same properties.
  • Speeds up your workflow

Q Select is one of my most used and useful commands I know as I can select or select everything but a certain object based on any number of properties such as color, layer, size etc.

To access Q Select simply type “qselect” into the command line. This will bring up the Q Select box as per the image below!

Let me explain how it can be used in a practical example. Let’s say we have a drawing with 100’s of different circles representing holes for a bolts. If we said there were 4 types of holes, 10mm , 20mm , 30 mm and 40 mm diameter holes.

Our client has had a change of heart and they no want all of our 10 mm holes to be 12 mm holes.

Using Q Select you can state that you would like to select all circle objects that have a diameter size of 10mm. Once all the 10 mm circles have been selected you can change the diameters of all of them using the properties window. Because you have selected multiple instances of the circle you can change the properties of each individual circle in one hit. Not only can you change the diameters of all of the circles you can also change properties such as the layer, colour, linetype etc.

With this example, lets say your client wants to change all 30 mm and 40 mm holes to 35 mm. With the Q select command you can select objects based on a “more than”, “less than”, “equal” and “not equal”. This means that you can set the parameters to select all circles bigger than 30 mm. This will then select both the 30 and 40 mm circles.

I typically use Q select as a big time saving tool if I am needing to change multiple objects quickly. The old way would have been to individually select similar items. Not now!

Q select command window in CAD

Hopefully this explains how useful the Q Select command can be. If you have any questions or queries I can help with then please let me know in the comments section. Happy to assist!

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