CAD Tip: Why You Should Use the Q Select Tool

Autocad, our drawing software of choice, can be incredibly frustrating when you need to select multiple instances of blocks, layers, text, colours etc. This is where the timesaving tool ‘Q select’ comes into play.

Q select allows you to select multiple instances of almost anything you place into your Autocad model. Say for instance you need to select all polylines that are coloured red – using the Q select command will allow you to select all red polylines. You could also change all circles of a certain size to a different layer, or select all text containing certain characters. The possibilities are endless!

Once you dig further into the Q select command you can really see how powerful the tool is. Once you adopt it, you find yourself saving that little bit more time.

For a detailed tutorial visit this CADTutor tutorial, we’ve found them really helpful!

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