Boundary Survey – Hanwell, London

Boundary Survey Previous Project, Hanwell, West London

Read about our boundary survey at a property in Hanwell, West London.

Article By: Chris Horton
Last Update: August 2019

Client: Domestic
Project Date: July 2019
Location: West London
Surveyor: Chris Horton, Rory Hiett

Project Scope

In July 2019 THS Concepts were commissioned to undertake a simple boundary survey in order to produce a Land Registry-compliant TP1 plan.

Our clients were due to acquire a portion of land from a neighbour which would extend their own garden significantly. However, due to angled walls and fence lines, this was a task best completed by an experienced Land Surveyor with knowledge of the Land Registry’s requirements.

Two of our survey team arrived at the property and discussed the necessities of our clients before proceeding with the works. Using a Leica GPS device the co-ordinates of 2 timber stakes were obtained and this was used as a basis for the survey in order to ensure the data aligns with the Ordnance Survey and is correctly rotated to north.

All visible walls and fence lines were measured using a Total Station so our surveyors could produce a TP1 plan once back in the office. Better known as a Transfer of Land, TP1 is the form required in order to submit a part transfer of a registered title. It typically highlights the original boundary of the title of which the land is being transferred out of, with the area of land to be transferred edged with a different colour to differentiate.

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The team also surveyed a reference line on site, which in this instance was a fence line perpendicular to their property. This was used to set-out timber stakes to define the new boundary line so our clients could accurately relate our drawing to the new fence position. This erases any doubt or discrepancy which is often found with boundary disputes.

Once back in the office a TP1 plan was produced and issued to the clients, who now had an accurate, scaled and most importantly Land Registry compliant plan to accompany their TP1 form. Additionally, due to the setting out undertaken at the time of our visit, they could be sure the drawing correctly reflects their new fence position, taking all the stress out of ensuring the plans and physical boundaries align when the fence installers arrive!

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If you are transferring or being transferred land from another title, THS Concepts may be able to help you. We are experienced Land Surveyors with a good knowledge of the requirements of Land Registry who regularly survey and set out new boundaries for clients across London and the South East of England. Just give us a call or email to discuss your requirements!