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Using a well-built architectural CAD template can improve how your business operates. A good CAD template looks great, is simple to use and speeds up your workflow. A good CAD template should make use of elements including:

  • Line weights
  • Line type scales
  • Text sizes relevant to drawing scale
  • Dimension styles
  • Layer colours
Free downloadable architectural CAD template

Our template includes:

The CAD template is in DWG 2007 format and is based on millimetre measurement units.

  • Common Architectural CAD Layers (Walls, Doors, Windows ETC)
  • Multileaders of varying scale (1:100, 1:200 etc)
  • Dimension styles of varying scale (1:100, 1:200 etc)
  • Drawing Layouts (A1, A2,A3, A4)
  • Note MTEXT to label your items, various scales!
  • Drawing in millimetre format

Throughout the years we have been updating and tinkering with our template to ensure it is quick, looks great and is easy to manipulate. We can’t give our full template away, but we can provide you with a simple Architectural CAD template. To download your template simply fill in your name and email address below. We will then send you an automated reply straight back with the download link for our template. Hopefully, it willhelp with your project.

Your email address is safe with us, we won’t pass your details or bombard you with sales emails! If you have any questions or queries or ways we can improve the template then please let us know!

Poor Building Design Of Steps

Our Architectural CAD Template Example Drawing

Did our architectural CAD template help you with work?

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Tom – THS Concepts

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