10 Best Christmas Gifts for Surveyors

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best gifts for the architect or surveyor in your life. Whatever your budget, there’s a gift for every surveyor!

Article By: Francesca Burke
Last Update: September 2018

When your budget is less than £50

1. Thermals

It gets pretty cold in the middle of fields, in loft spaces or on doorsteps waiting for building staff to let us in. Why not help the surveyor in your life by gifting them some thermals? British Thermals offer these toasty socks from just £3.99.

2. Head Torch

It gets pretty dark in those loft spaces, too… Browse Screwfix’s collection of head torches for the perfect surveyor’s stocking filler!

3. Weatherproof Notebook

A durable notebook can make all the difference when making notes on a topographical or setting out survey. Try this waterproof, spiralbound notepad from Any Weather Paper (in useful, easy-to-spot yellow). As a bonus, add an all-weather clicker pen.

waterproof yellow spiralbound notebook

4. Multi-Colour Pens

They might look like something destined for a primary school pencil case, but surveyors love multicolour pens for their simplicity. Go budget with this 10-colour pen from WH Smith and win this year’s gift exchange!

5. Pencils

Think all pencils are created equal? Think again. Draughting pencils are precise, technical and the perfect stocking filler for a surveyor.

6. Quality Tape Measure

A durable tape measure is an integral piece of kit for any surveyor. Browse The Tape Store for the perfect one!

When your budget is £50 – £100

7. High Visibility Clothes

High vis might not be the height of fashion but it is the height of health and safety. A selection of high vis workwear, including beanie hats, baseball caps, t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts, will keep any surveyor warm (and easy to spot in that field).

8. Steel toe-capped boots

Take your favourite surveyor shopping for a pair of durable, waterproof steel toe-capped boots to ensure they – and their toes – stay safe and comfortable on building sites.

9. Headphones

Surveyors do a lot of work in domestic or commercial buildings where it’s not appropriate to blast a radio, so we use phones, portable radios and iPods to keep ourselves entertained. Do a subtle check to find out whether your giftee prefers headphones, earbuds, wireless or foldable headphones, then head to HMV or Currys – or any tech shop, really – to pick out the perfect pair.

When Your Budget is Nonexistent

10. Time

What’s the one thing every surveyor needs? More time to draw up a survey, more time between clients, more time to experiment with their new Leica TS02. Give the gift of time this Christmas and watch your surveyor thrive throughout the new year and beyond.

wrapped Christmas gifts

We hope this helps you buy a gift for the surveyor in your life! Have any suggestions? Leave a comment!

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