Leica TS02 – Surveying Existing Objects – User Guide 2015-11-03T22:21:55+00:00

We have found in the past that novice users of Leica Total stations (Leica TS02 in this series) have struggled with the instructions and guides issued by Leica on the use of the machines.

The aim of this guide is to give a brief tutorial to those looking to understand how to undertake simple surveying work using the Leica TS02 Total Station. This guide is separated into a number of ordered posts which will hopefully illustrate clearly to the user on how to use the machine in the correct order of operation.  It has been assumed that the user has a basic understanding of simple surveying and CAD principles.

Please note that the following tutorials are based on our own Leica TS02 total station, you may have a slightly different configuration / set up however the principles should be the same.

Prior to getting to site:

1.1 – Charging the batteries
1.2 – Equipment check 

On Site:
2.1 – Choosing the best location to set up and placing fixed points.
2.2 – Powering up the instrument to the main menu.
2.3 – Levelling the instrument.
2.4 – Setting and naming the job.
2.5 – Surveying and recording the fixed points.
2.6 – Setting the EDM type.
2.7 – Setting / changing the point ID
2.8 – Setting / changing the prism height
2.9 – Turning on / off the red laser point.
2.10 – Recording surveyed points.
2.11 – Showing Eastings / Northings / Height of each point.
2.12 – Delete / edit individual point.
2.13 – Moving to a new location and setting up.
2.14 – Packing away the instrument.

In The Office:
3.1 – Exporting data to USB stick.
3.2 –Managing data using THS Concepts survey spreadsheet.

Other Programs:

4.1 – Reference line program
4.2 – Reference arc program