Leica TS02 Tutorial | Setting the EDM type

Leica TS02 Tutorial | Setting the EDM Type

Ensuring that you have the correct EDM (electronic distance measurement) type is important to make sure that you are correctly measuring the items you are surveying. For instance, if you have the wrong prism type selected you may find that the surveyed data you have recorded is not shown in the correct position.

To change/check the EDM mode the user needs to ensure they are in the ‘SURVEY’ programme mode. You will then need to scroll along the bottom row until the “EDM” option is available. The “EDM” option may not be displayed –  if this is the case use the “F4” button to scroll through the menu categories in the row at the bottom of the page.

Leica TS02 EDM Settings Screen

Once in the “EDM” mode, you should see the following screen:

Leica TS02 EDM Settings Screen
  • Using the up / down arrow keys scroll to the row “EDM Mode”
  • Once in the row using the left / right arrow keys you can scroll through the EDM mode types

In the EDM modes you will have the following types:

  • NP – Precise: this mode is for when you are surveying using the laser dot and no prism
  • NP – Tracking: this mode uses the laser dot and continuously sends out measurements whilst updating the user. This mode is useful for setting out objects rather than surveying existing fixed position
  • P-Precise & Fast: this mode is for when quick prism measurements are required. When you scroll to this mode the “Prism Type” below the “EDM Mode” is un-greyed allowing the selection of the specific prism type you are using
  • P-Tracking: this mode is identical to NP-Tracking above except instead of using the laser dot it uses the prisms. This mode un-greys the “Prism” type below which allows the user to change the prism type
  • Tape: the tape mode is for measuring to retro targets. This mode is typically used when measuring and recording setting out points using the stick on retro targets.
  • P-Precise+: This mode is for when you are using prisms and want an extra degree of precision. The mode takes a little longer to compute the points

Once you have selected your EDM mode and prism type if applicable you can then press “Cont” to return to the “Survey” page.

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