Leica TS02 Tutorial | Setting and Naming the Job

Leica TS02 Tutorial | Setting and Naming the Job

The idea of setting the job is so that the user can differentiate between different jobs. Using the same job every time will result in exported drawings having multiple bits of data that potentially overlap, thus confusing and disrupting the drawing. Once the screen has proceeded from the “Level and Plummet” page the screen should go to the main menu as per the picture below:

Setting the job - Leica TS02
  • Using the arrow pads scroll along to the ‘Manage’ option
  • Once the ‘Manage’ button has been highlighted the user can enter the menu by pressing the enter button. The enter key is coloured red and has an arrow going down and then to the lift
  • Once in the ‘Manage’ scroll to ‘Job’ and press enter
  • You should now be in the ‘Manage Job’ screen as per below:
Setting the job - Leica TS02
  • In the manage job screen, you should scroll up or down to the row that says ‘Job’. By default, after entering the ‘Manage Job’ menu it should already be on this row
  • We will now set the job number or reference so you can identify the job in the future. To enter a job name press the ‘F3’ button which should be below the ‘New’ work on the monitor
  • Once in the following menu, select the ‘Input’ which is the F3 button. This will then allow the user to enter the job reference name for the work you are about to undertake. To enter the name of the job, use F1 to F4 to select the number/letter subcategories. Within the subcategories, you can then select the individual characters. To return to the character/letter groups, press the ‘ESC’ button. To move along subcategories, press the F4 button. Using the F1 to F4 combinations you can type in your reference for the work.
  • Once the job name/reference has been set, press the red ‘Enter’ key
  • To confirm the job name press F4 which should be below the “Cont” display.
  • This will then move back to the ‘Manage Job’ menu. To confirm and save the job press ‘F4’ again which is below ‘Cont’. This will then set the job
  • You should now get back to the main menu – the quickest way of doing this is by pressing the ‘ESC’ key.

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