Leica TS02 Tutorial | Charging the Batteries

Leica TS02 Tutorial | Charging the Batteries

Charging the batteries in your Leica TS02 is important for ensuring that your survey is uninterrupted. Finding power on site can be difficult, as well as finding the time in a tight schedule to actually charge the batteries. To check and charge the batteries, you will need to use the Leica battery charger which is included in the total station box:

Leica TS02 Charging Unit With No Battery

An empty charger

Charging Leica TS02 Battery

Charging your Leica TS02

The batteries are gently placed to align with the pins on the charger unit. You will notice the green lights, indicating how charged the battery is. A full battery is indicated when the battery level reaches 4 solid green bars. Just don’t forget to take the batteries with you to your survey!

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